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Film Review No.350: Kung Fu Cannibals (AKA: Raw Force)


Whenever I hit a milestone review, as in every 50 or on The Film Dump’s birthday, I like to review a special film. More often than not special actually means “special”. Like that bus that drove you to school. Kung Fu Cannibals, known as Raw Force in some parts of the world, is that bus. This wasn’t the film I had planned originally, but Matt over as Cinemageddon kinda forced me to watch it because he’s a dick like that. He insisted it was better than Miami Connection. This was despite me insisting that no film is better than Miami Connection. Anyway, follow the link for the review.

Click the link Mien Friend.


Film Review No.321: Doc Of The Dead


So I have somehow come to review 3 zombie themed films in a row. Two of this are Paul’s fault, that’s fair enough, but Doc of the Dead is all me. Heard about this documentary being made with the involvement of the guys from Red Letter Media, providing some short Plinkett themed gags, a few months back. The film has just appeared on Netflix so I guess I had to review it. Click the link below for words about this.

Grrr, Arg!

Film Review No.320: Survival of the Dead


Film number 2 of the 4 Paul (my buddy on Mellow Gaming) got me for my birthday was George A Romero’s Survival of the Dead. Fun fact about this film: I have never heard anyone say anything good about it. Thanks Paul! I’ve only reviewed one other Romero Living Dead film on here, that being the excellent Day of the Dead. So here’s a quick rundown of my opinion on the other films… Night of the Living Dead is quintessential cinema, Dawn is one of my favourite zombie flicks of all time, Land is actually quite decent, Diary is fecking terrible. Let’s see if Survival of the Dead continues that spectacular drop in quality since Land of the Dead shall we?

Father Ted Vs Zombies would have been better.

Film Review No.319: Osombie

Osombie-2 My mate Paul, who I do them Mellow Gaming videos with, is always complaining that I don’t review the films he suggests. This is probably because he only suggests films to torture me with. It was my birthday last week and Paul got me a selection of films, two of which fit into this torture category. The first of these films is today’s subject Osombie. Click the link below for my review. Why?

HORROR WEEK! Film Review No.258: Day Of The Dead


Zombies are pretty much everywhere now. It seems that about 10 years ago a few zombie films turned up around the same time, some sort of critical mass was achieved, and since then it’s been impossible to escape the buggers. Partly because they run now, but also because it’s every company’s lazy idea of making a quick cheap buck. A zombie film practically writes itself. People are holed up some and zombies are coming for them. A zombie comic can give a writer like Robert Kirkman a medium to explore the nature of civility and the extremes people will go to in a long form format, and also become crazy rich of TV and merchandise deals. Zombie games allow developers to minimise A.I. scripts and provide the player with the context to shoot whatever they like. Most zombie related materials these days are pretty bottom of the barrel tripe. Those that excel, such as The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later and The Last of Us do so because they don’t just look at zombies as a chance to show some gore. They see the zombie setting as a chance to hold a mirror up to ourselves in the kind of blunt, uncomplicated way that seems to be required these days. They do this all because of one man and the groundwork he laid in three fantastic zombie films. I end this zombie week with, possibly, his masterpiece, Day of the Dead. Click the link for braaaaains.

The remake of this is balls.