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Film Review No.316: X-Men Days Of Future Past


Not sure who did that fan art up there but for a fan of the original comic arc that this film shares its title with, that art is geek city. Hats off to the unknown sir. Anyway, X-Men Days of Future Past was released today here in the UK and I got back from seeing it a couple of hours ago. Is it a good film? I reckon so. Click the link below for an actual review.

Time in a Bottle


Film Review No.241: The Wolverine


I think this might be the first time I’ve reviewed a new entry in a film series after having done a complete film season. Back when X-Men First Class was released I led up to it by reviewing all the X-Men films. Watching this series is much like being a gambling addict. You start of neutral and then your up, but before your know it your way down and you stay down but then your up again… but you know you could fall at any minute. The real danger comes when you keep getting up and keep feeling better, because after that come inevitable, crushing failure. The Wolverine manages to maintain the momentum started with X-Men First Class. This makes me worry about Days Of Future Past. But let us worry about that later. For now, click the link below to read what I thought of The Wolverine.

How many times has Wolverine survived a nuclear type explosion now?

Here’s That There The Wolverine Trailer What You Does Wanted…


Yeah, I made that title more awkward than was needed. Anyway, here’s the trailer for The Wolverine. A sequel to a film that probably shouldn’t have been made. My views on X-Men Origins: Wolverine are pretty much that I can watch it but it’s really weak and messy. It’s not X-Men 3 bad, it’s just normal bad. But hey, at least Ryan Reynolds was cool for the 30 seconds he was in it, right? Anyway, click the link for the trailer for a film that is already looking like an improvement.

Wolverine claw sound effect…

Seriously, F*** Brett Ratner

So I’ve just read an amazing piece of news. Apparently Brett Ratner thinks X-Men 3 is a better film than X-Men First Class because it made more money in it’s weekend. I think I have a few things to say about that after the jump


Movie Review No.22: X-Men: First Class

So here it is. The end of the first themed weekend on The Film Dump. I’ve gone through the goodness of X-Men 1 and 2, and then trudged through the hell of X-Men 3 and the mediocrity of the Wolverine movie and now I’m here, at X-Men First Class. Literally just got back from watching it so here we go.

It’s like the X-Men in but with turtlenecks

Movie Review No.21: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This image is hilarious.

Well there’s only one film left to go in this series of reviews after I’m done here and that is, of course, X-Men First Class. They say that all journeys have their ups and downs. That to reach the light we must first go through the darkness… or some hippy crap like that. We’ve certainly been through the darkness with X-Men The Last Stand (Still can’t believe how long I made that review, really sorry) and now we have, well more darkness. But you know what? Wolverine isn’t as bad a film as X-Men 3. It’s certainly not as bad as many people would have you believe. It’s dumb as feck but it’s not a total car crash. So, on with the review I guess.

SNIKT!!! or something.

Movie Review No.20: X-Men: The Last Stand.

So you’re in charge of a major movie franchise, The last 2 films were hits with the second blowing everything out of the water success wise. You’ve hit a snag though. The director of the first 2 films has a prior engagement and has literally thrown the script for the third film in the bin. He’s asking for the time to go make this other film he has lined up and then come back and do the usually risky third part of the series properly when he’s back. What do you do? Miss a summer release opportunity but with the pay off that you know the film will likely be very good when made and bring in a ton of cash or do you hire the first hack who’s willing to root through a bin the keys to the vehicle that is the X-Men? If you’re 20th Century Fox apparently you do the latter.

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