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The Weekend Dump: Why Do Videogames Become Bad Films?


It’s been 20 years since the Super Mario Bros first lit up Western cinema screens with the first live action film adaptation of a videogame. I have no idea what that videogame was but, after viewing the film multiple times, I’m pretty sure it was not Super Mario Bros. It may have been based on Totally Rad I think. The film was pure shit. Well, except for Samantha Mathis… she was quite tasty. Point is, Super Mario Bros kicked off a trend which has continued to this day… That being that films based on videogames suck. Why is that? Click the link for a series of reasons in no particular order.

Your parents can help you hook this up!

The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Is Finally A Real Thing.

I wasn’t sure if I should be posting this trailer for the long in production Angry Video Game Nerd Movie here or on my Games Dump side-blog. By the way, did you know I have a second blog called The Games Dump? Probably not cos it’s only had like 30 views and I update it once a month. Anyway, back in 2010 the original Youtube video game critic James Rolfe, or The Angry Video Game/Nintendo Nerd to his fans announced that he had plans to make a movie based around his character. Well, today is the day we finally see that that movie is indeed a thing that is happening. You can watch the trailer after the link below.

The Film Dump takes a diarrhea dump in your beer after this link.

I’ve Started A New Blog!!!

So I’ve started a new gaming based blog called, imaginatively enough, The Games Dump! It won’t be updated as often as The Film Dump is but the intention is for me to create some gaming based video content for ya’ll to view. We’ll see how this goes because it’s likely to consume a huge amount of time making these videos up. I’ll also be posting the odd written review of any games I manage to complete, which will not be that often because I rarely do. Remember to subscribe to it if you feel like seeing what random nonsense I’ll be posting on there. You can view The Games Dump’s first post by following the link RIGHT HERE!!!! There’s also a Youtube channel made to service both The Games Dump and future video posts for The Film Dump itself. You can visit the Youtube page RIGHT HERE!!!

My Mother Vs Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

I’m gonna make a departure from my usual movie review format here and post an article I wrote that won me second prize in a competition over at Gaming Lives. They were asking for readers to write an article on pretty much anything and I chose to write about how I would defeat my Mother night after night on Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo. I’m also posting this because I’m a little too busy to get a film review up as I have been asked to write an article for another site. Anyway, read on and I hope ya’ll enjoy it.

I dare you to try to be me when I’m playing as Dan.