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What Is A Liebster Award? I Now Know The Answer


So a fellow blogger, and regular commenter here, who’s site is called Thoughts From The Booth recently awarded me with The Liebster Award. My initial reaction ranged from “what is that?” to “Has Joe’s account been hacked and now he’s sending complimentary spam?”. I get a lot of complimentary spam, by the way. If in doubt, Google the potential spam comment. That’s my advice for today. Where was I? Oh yeah, Liebster thing. The Liebster Award is a blogger network prize the origins of which I’ll explain after the jump. Effectively though one blogger nominates a number of other bloggers they enjoy, all of which have a limited number of followers, in an attempt to spread the word and get some juicy subscriber cross-pollination going. In the process you answer a series of questions the nominator poses to you. So, Thoughts From The Booth nominated me and after the jump I’ll nominate someone else and answer the questions posed to me.

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#SayNoTo3D Let’s Get this Thing Trending!

Click the link for my rant/attempt to rally a rebellion against unavoidable 3D showings!

#SayNoTo3D tweet it.

Trailer Park Thursdays: Titanic In 3D Edition!

So James “Jim” Cameron is re-releasing Titanic next year in 3D. Remember when he was the director of Terminator and Aliens? If you’re under 20 years probably not I’d guess. Anyway, I’ll be posting a trailer for that. Also I’m going to be bringing you the trailer for Disney-Pixar’s Brave this week. It looks pretty damn good. Hopefully this’ll be the film to push their tomato-meter up after the lukewarm reception Cars 2 got. I haven’t seen that but you know what? I really liked the first cars film. Oh and a retro trailer as always shall be posted. Once I think of one…

My FART will go on more like!

Stats Dump! 6 Months Old Edition

The Film Dump is 6 months old today!!! That means I have watched a total of 77 films in 6 months and wrote a review for each one. Actually I’ve seen 78 but I couldn’t decide if Chanbara Striptease was really a film or not and so I ignored it. As you should to. Anyway, I said I’d do a Stats Dump post after 6 months so here it is. Click the link if you’re the sort of boring sod that likes statistics!

Can I hit 100 reviews by Christmas? I don’t doubt it.

Stats Dump. We’re One Month Old Today… Well just before midnight last night really…

So yeah, I started this blog around midnight on the 25th of April on a whim after watching Mortal Kombat and thinking “I should write a review of this in the hopes someone will read it and help massage my ego”. Well 30 days later and there’s very little ego massaging going on, but there are stats to be shared. So here we go…

Lots of numbers this way! YAY!!!

Movie Review No.5: Titanic 2 … Wait, What?

Yeah, Titanic 2. It’s a thing that happened. Now first thing to get straight is that this isn’t a sequel to the James Cameron billion dollar cash cow Titanic. See it’s called Titanic 2 but it’s not Titanic 2. The boat is called the Titanic 2 and the film is named after the boat. That looks exactly like the Titanic, except with a 2 on the side of it. Apparently it’s also really high tech and fast on the inside though so that’s different. So what happens in this film? Well it’s made by The Asylum so it’s bound to be an original piece of film making I’m sure. If original meant being a blatant shameless cash in on something that is either currently or at some point quite popular.

This blog will go on.