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Film Review No.292: The Amazing Spider-man 2


Did you know that both Spider-man and Godzilla make an appearance in the original version of the Mega Drive classic The Revenge of Shinobi? No? You didn’t care? oh… sorry. Was just trying to tie this review into Godzilla Season. I mean, this film has just kind of appeared right in the middle of my efforts to review as many Godzilla films as I can. Kind of a dick move Sony. Anyway, I just got back from seeing Amazing Spider-man 2 and after the link is my thoughts. The review will discuss spoilers but I’ll keep the most important of them at the bottom of the post and clearly signpost the, first. There is various small plot details littered throughout though. Click the link below for the full review!

Remember the Enter Electro game? That was kinda cool

It’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer!


Sony have been hyping up this trailer all week like it was the biggest event of the year. Good for them. I suppose they need to make sure people are hyped for the second Totes Amaze-balls Spider-Dude film after the first one disappointed many. I enjoyed the first film, although pointed out just how much of it was pointless and merely repeating stories we’ve seen already. Where the film really got into its swing (badum-tish) was when it was focused on Spider-Man himself, something Andrew Garfield pulled off well. So, after the jump is the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Tell me what you think in the comments, or something.


Film Review No.143: The Amazing Spider-Man

Some films exist for the sake of art. Some for the sake of entertainment. But some, such as the subject of today’s review, exist for the sake of business. Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire walked from Spider-Man 4 shortly before production began due to issues with production dates and so almost immediately Sony got to work on a reboot of the Spidey series. They kind of had to though. If they hadn’t the Spider-Man license would have reverted back to Marvel and we’d probably have Spider-Man in our Avengers by now. Thankfully though Sony didn’t go the same route as the original Fantastic Four film did when it was faced with asimilar dilemma. Instead they knuckled down, put together a good crew headed by a strong director and got to work on The Amazing Spider-Man. And I’ve just seen it. Click the link for the review…

Does whatever a reviewer can.

First Amazing Spider-Man Trailer!

Yes I know that pic isn’t Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, but let’s face it, we’d rather be getting a film about her. Now I’m not saying this’ll be shite but the trailer is a little underwhelming and there’s nothing that’ll shake the feeling that this film is unnecessary. Still, some people might be pretty hyped about this and there’s a few elements I do like. Click the link to see the trailer itself.

Does whatever a trailer can.