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When Did Fan Films Start Attracting Hollywood Stars? Here’s A Punisher Fan Film Starring Thomas Jane.

Long blog title is long. Anyway, looks like Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman decided to be a bunch of dudes and star in some guys short Punisher fan film. If this doesn’t serve as a reminder to Marvel that people really liked Thomas Jane as The Punisher and want more I dunno what will. I’d be up for seeing a sequel provided it maintains the naturalistic style of the first film. If I saw a hint of the words 3D and anything resembling that terribad War Zone film I’d be out though. This short features a lot of Final Cut Pro stock camera shake and copious amounts of digital blood but it’s still a pretty cool little film. I do get bugged by how much short films are more about attention grabbing than being an expression of any artistic desire these days but at least this has an excuse of being frigging awesome on it’s side. Click the link to see the short.

Ron Perlman is never afraid to sport dodgy facial hair.


Film Review No.126: The Story Of Film: An Odyssey

This is so meta…. I’m reviewing a film that is essentially a review of the history of film. A catalogue of it’s advancements, influences and cultural shifts. The Story Of Film: An Odyssey is an epic, and believe me that term is used fully in context, documentary about the history of film from the very first images ever captured in motion on film all the way up to modern films such as Avatar and Inception. It even has an epilogue that discusses the potential futures of film. Understandably this was quite an undertaking for director Mark Cousins. Click the link for my account of my journey through this story of film.

One long ass bedtime story for a young Scorsese

Let Us Compile A Top (And Bottom) 5 List!

Seeing as it is The Film Dump’s first ever birthday today I thought I’d put together two fun little top fives. The first will be a top 5 of my favourite films that I have watched over the last year. The other will be the absolute worst films I have watched over this last year. I’ll be honest, thanks to my love of a good ran I’ve probably seen more bad films over this last year than I normally would have. Obviously it’s all in the pursuit of providing some form of entertainment for anyone that happens to stumble across this blog whilst searching for pictures of Chris Evans with his shirt off. So, click the link for the best & worst of The Film Dump’s first year!

Maybe I should make a mixtape too


When I first started this film blog dump nearly a year ago I thought I’d post the odd short film from time to time. I like short films, they show creativity at it’s most densely packed and can often give us a look at a future feature film talent or a visual artist. Then I forgot to keep an eye out for new ones after posting just one. Well I’ve just seen a new one that’s quite a doozy. Click the link to see Quantic Dream’s Kara.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that she’s fifth in the line at the end…

Trailer Park Thursdays: Avengers Assemble Edition.

So yeah, there’s a new Avengers trailer out and it’s pretty sexy. Looks like this will be the top popcorn flick of the summer for sure. On the flipside I’m going to post a trailer for the new Adam Sandler film, That’s My Boy, which looks terrible. Really really terrible. Also a new John Carter (Of Mars) trailer. I guess I’ll post something retro too when I can think of something. Click the link dawgs!!

Adam Sandler needs to just go away.

Kevin Curtis Is A Dead Man.

So in my daily grind of a job I sell various forms of entertainment that come packaged within boxes in a disc based format. Apparently it’s an out of date industry and no-one buys them anymore. Which is odd because quite a few people still do. Because the UK currently has an above average level of idiots walking it’s streets British gangster and crime movies are all the rage. At least with those morons anyway. You know the sort I’m on about. the types that use swearing as punctuation, won’t read ANYTHING if they can avoid it and seem to think it’s OK to not work and instead scrounge off of benefits their whole life. By the way, if you’re one of them then this blog is not for you. Anyway, here’s a short film made by some clever chap that’s all about everything that’s wrong with the UK film industry these days. Watch it after the link…

You mug!

Help Restore The 9 Surviving Hitchcock Silent Films

True fact. Alfred Hitchcock was easily the most influential and important film maker of all time. Yes more so than Kubrick, Kurosawa or even Ratner. The BFI is currently in the process of restoring his 9 surviving silent films with the intention of screening them next year with a live score being played as is their intended form of presentation. They’ll need a lot of work. These films are edging onto 80 years old now. So wanna help? Click the jump to find out how.

Click for suspense relief