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What Is A Liebster Award? I Now Know The Answer


So a fellow blogger, and regular commenter here, who’s site is called Thoughts From The Booth recently awarded me with The Liebster Award. My initial reaction ranged from “what is that?” to “Has Joe’s account been hacked and now he’s sending complimentary spam?”. I get a lot of complimentary spam, by the way. If in doubt, Google the potential spam comment. That’s my advice for today. Where was I? Oh yeah, Liebster thing. The Liebster Award is a blogger network prize the origins of which I’ll explain after the jump. Effectively though one blogger nominates a number of other bloggers they enjoy, all of which have a limited number of followers, in an attempt to spread the word and get some juicy subscriber cross-pollination going. In the process you answer a series of questions the nominator poses to you. So, Thoughts From The Booth nominated me and after the jump I’ll nominate someone else and answer the questions posed to me.

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The Weekend Dump: A (Semi) In-depth Look At RoboCop 2014


So I had an idea. Sometimes, in an attempt to keep my reviews between 1000 and 1500 words I tend to skim over a few aspects of a film. Sometimes I’ll even just not go into a certain aspect if I feel other aspects of praise or failure adequately convey the film’s overall quality. The recent remake of RoboCop is one such film that presented me with so much to discuss, both positive and negative, that fitting it all into one review would have been troublesome. So I thought to myself, why don’t I try something new? What I’m going to attempt to do in this post is dissect the various aspects of the film that I feel deserve to be talked about. How they effect the film’s story. How they elevate it. How they drag it down. Basically, my attempt at a little bit of a film studies style dissertation on production, story and the art of film. If this works I may start doing these for various other films. I always find it more interesting to do dissections of this nature with the more flawed films out there. You can learn a lot about what to do in cinema from Taxi Driver, but do you learn much of what not to do? So, click the link below to be whisked away to a very, very spoiler heavy dissection of RoboCop 2014.

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Film Review No.277: RoboCop 2


I’ve been writing about various incarnations of RoboCop a lot recently. I’m afraid this isn’t going to ease up just yet. This is because I decided, on a whim, to watch RoboCop 2 a few days ago and, as the rules do state, I must now write a review of it. At least it wasn’t RoboCop 3 I watched. I’m not actually sure I could even get through that film. RoboCop 3 gets all the flak it deserves. It is a terrible, horrible film. RoboCop 2 gets a lot of flak too. This is mostly unjustified. Click the link below for me telling you why I’m right and you’re all wrong.

Fun comic book connection! Lex Luthor’s daddy makes a cameo in this film!

Film Review No.274: RoboCop (2014)


Oh remakes. How you do test my patience. On the one hand I can totally understand why you’d remake a film, we’ve been doing it from the early days of cinema and the retelling of stories is merely part of human nature. We pass stories on from one generation to the next making changes to suit the times. If we didn’t update and change stories then The Bible wouldn’t be so darned popular. A while back I reviewed the Total Recall remake and, along with trashing the ever loving hell out of it, I surmised that it was an example of a remake that got pretty much everything wrong, not just in the retelling of the story but in just basic film making. Some remakes can be great, The Magnificent Seven for example. So where does RoboCop sit, quality wise, if Magnificent Seven is a great remake and Total Recall is fucking awful? Click the link for my review, why don’t ya?

No, they never explain the bloody hand.

The Weekend Dump: RoboCop or RoboCrock?


Dear reader, you may not know this about me but I loves me some RoboCop. This is because I was born in the 80s and, therefore, find it genetically impossible to dislike RoboCop. I am, of course, referring only to the original film. There is reason for this. Almost everything else RoboCop related that has ever been made kinda stunk. RoboCop 2 is meh to decent at best but other than that… well, RoboCop 3, the animated series, the TV series… all pants. That Robocop game made in about 2003 for the PS2? Bollocks. The RoboCop cereal… probably doesn’t exist… but if it did it would taste like shoes. And yet, whenever I see something new based on RoboCop come along I decide to go in with an open mind. I want good RoboCop. There can be good RoboCop stuff made after the original film. I know there can. The NES and Spectrum games were great, as was RoboCop Vs Terminator. The Comics were pretty cool also. Oh, and there’s that Sideshow Collectibles figure… Jesus that figure is beautiful. So, can you guess what this weekend’s dump is all about? Click the link to find out.

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Here’s That RoboCop Remake Trailer


A little while ago I reviewed the Total Recall remake. It was terrible. This has been a habit of quite a number of remakes where, at best, they can be described as decent, and most often, an offence to the original work. A lot of the time this is because a remake has been made of a great work that not only didn’t need remaking but also the end product would often miss the point. See Total Recall. And from one Verhoeven classic to another comes the remake of RoboCop. I’ve watched this trailer a couple of times and I’m not sure what top make of it. Clearly it’s toned down. Violence at the level of the original just isn’t a thing these days. But this trailer also appears to show signs that the director might just have an angle to play this film from. It appears RoboCop is aware that he is Murphy right from the start. What difference does that make tot he character’s journey? Is his story going to be about him accepting the change? Will he reject it and fight back against the people that made him? What will others think? Does he view himself as a monster? Is this actually Robo-Frankenstein’s Monster? Lots of questions that you can ask yourself by watching the trailer after the jump.

“Murphy, it’s you…” “yeah, I know!”

Film Review No.165: RoboCop

Today is one of those days where I tackle a film I’ve always been in two minds about covering. See I like reviewing films, it passes the time and allows me to hopefully help other people find new films to watch they might have missed before. I also really enjoy tearing into the bad ones. Not good-bad films like Troll 2 and Ninja Terminator but BAD-BAD films like Ultraviolet and Titanic II. The reason I get apprehensive about some films though is because they’re the exact opposite. Films that aren’t just good, but they’re in the upper echelon of film-making. I’ve covered a few – Tokyo Story, LA Confidential and Alien for example – and if you go read those reviews (Please do!) you’ll likely tell that I was at times struggling to find the right words to express just how special the film is. Today I cover one of those films. Today I take on what is possibly the greatest genre films of the 80s. Today I review RoboCop.

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