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Film Review No.327: Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes


Remember Rise of the Planet of the Apes? That mostly forgettable despite being fairly decent reboot/prequel to the Plant of the Apes series. It wasn’t a bad film by any means. The human characters were flat and uninteresting but the apes, led by Andy Serkis as Caesar more than made up for that. There’s running theme in Hollywood for sequels to be worse than the original. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is one of the biggest steps up in quality from one film to the next that I have ever come across. It’s not just good, it is full blown excellent and possible near masterpiece level. I was not expecting that. Click the link below for my more wordy review.

Apes together pong.


Film Review No.162: Tremors 4 – The Legend Begins

About 8 months ago I introduced a friend of mine to the glory that is Tremors starring Kevin Bacon. It’s a film I’ve loved since I was a kid. Kevin Bacon didn’t star in the sequels. I’m not a fan of the sequels. So much so I never bothered watching the prequel Tremors 4 the Legend Begins. That was until a few days ago when the same friend of mine revealed that she had a copy and I’m gonna pretend she forced me to watch it. To be fair this prequel isn’t entirely bad though. So how entirely not bad is it? Click the link to find out!!!

Google Tremors The Game. It’s awesome.

Oz The Great And Powerful Trailer. It Looks Really Quite Great.

Well it’s time for trailers to start coming out of the San Diego Comic Con. First up is Oz The Great And Powerful from Sam Raimi and starring James Franco. Was not expecting something this visually varied from Raimi but I guess I should have known better. I love how it switches from a 4:3 ratio black & white image to a vibrant full colour widescreen sterescopic eyegasm. One thing that caught my eye was objects leaping out of the edges of the screen for 3D moments. I’ve been saying that something similar would have a great effect in 3D for some time. Will be interesting to see how well it works here. My idea was based around THAT famous scene from The Ring. I figured it would add an extra level of scare if the whole film was presented in a false ratio and when Sadako comes out the TV she keeps crawling forwards and then puts her hand over the edge of the frame giving the effect of literally coming out of the screen. Bet they don’t do that in The Ring 3D. Anyway, click the link for the Oz trailer and for a retro style trailer for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.

Flying monkeys…. I’m there.

Film Review No.130: Prometheus

Check it out. I got a sort of review scoop. Prometheus has been released over here in the UK a full week before it’s US release which means I can bring you my review a little earlier in the films release schedule than usual. I’ll start by answering both your questions with one answer. That answer is “yes it is”. You’re questions are “Is that a Mass Effect 3 t-shirt you’re wearing?” and “What would be a nonsensical answer to this second question?” right? Oh your questions are “Is Prometheus a good film?” and “Is it actually a prequel to Alien?”. Then yes it is would still be the correct answer. Now this review may get a tiny bit spoilery so warnings have been given. Click the link for the review!

I liked the bit where the guy got a thing in his mouth. Subtle stuff.

The List…

This is The List…

What is The List? Well I have a knack for building up a backlog of films to be watched and I’d quite like to have a system where I can tell you guys what I have planned to be reviewed in the future. So I thought I’d compile a list of films that I have ready to watch that I just haven’t go to yet. Films I have on the plan for the near future. Some are films I got in a boxed set and never got through. Some are films from my Lovefilm that have arrived, or even just films I intend to see in the cinema. Some will be films I have planned for future themed weeks. The idea is that I log them in this post, make it a sticky post, and then add and delete as I go along. This list will serve as a constant reminder to me also to get around to watching various stuff. It’s also gonna be a nightmare for me when I get that James Bond Blu-Ray set and have to add 22 films. If you see a film on there that you insist I should watch then nag me about it. If there’s something you’d like me to review then tell me and I might add it.


Alien 3
Alien Resurrection (ugh)
Brothers And Sisters Of The Toda Family
Cinema Paradiso
The Exterminator
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

OK, lets see how I get on with this.

EDIT Decided that I didn’t like not having a review image right at the top of the blog when you reach the homepage so from now on The List will be a clickable link at the top of the page above The Film Dump’s blog banner.

#SayNoTo3D Let’s Get this Thing Trending!

Click the link for my rant/attempt to rally a rebellion against unavoidable 3D showings!

#SayNoTo3D tweet it.

Ready For Not One, But Two New Trailers For Prometheus?

So last night it was getting late and I had some Mass Effect-ing to do. Whilst that was goign on a new trailer for Prometheus appeared… and then another. One is a US theatrical trailer and the other is a UK trailer. Both are very different and show a lot of new footage. The US one is the blockbuster movie style trailer you’d expect, that’ll be posted first. The UK one though is quite interesting. It’s a lot more story focused, especially the first half. Both trailers look very good. Can’t wait to see this come June 1st (UK release date), and then get home to write a review right before I head off to Sweden for 4 days. Hectic night incoming. Click the link to see both trailers.

Jazz hands!!