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Critapocalypse Podcast 27 – No Bladder Control

Here’s episode 27 of the Critapocalypse Podcast. Films reviewed this week are The Final Girls and lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau. We also review Rick & Morty Season 2 and a whole bunch of games such as Castles, Animal Gods, Sublevel Zero, Afro Samurai and The Talos Principle. Also, Matt demonstrates his lack of bladder control by taking not one but two toilet breaks mid episode! Click below for the Soundcloud version which you can download.

I’m so sorry.

Critapocalypse Podcast 26 – Matt Belches His Way Through Another Review

Oh man! Here’s the latest Critapocalypse podcast where myself and Matt reviewed a bunch of things and stuff that we saw and did over the last 2 weeks. Film Reviews this week include The hunger games Mockingjay Part 1, The Visit, the hive and possibly something else… I kinda lost track of what matt was rambling on about during that part. Matt also said words about that gravity Falls show and then claimed Steven Universe wasn’t good. The fool. We also discussed a bunch of new games such as Orbit, Extreme Exorcism, Game Corp DX, Mighty no.9’s demo and Super Mario maker. Matt also talked about Valiant Hearts, which we all played last year. Click below for the downloadable Soundcloud version and link and timecodes and whatnot.


Critapocalypse Podcast 25 – Ant Can’t Remember Things

Here’s the new Critapocalypse podcast. Bit late postign it because I was getting quite distracted by games and stuff. Seriously, buy Assault Android Cactus. I reviewed it in this episode of the podcast too! Anyway, film reviews this week include Cop Car, Nightcrawler, American Ultra and Christian Mingle: The Movie. Games reviewed include the previously mentioned Assault Android Cactus but also Shovel Knight: A Plague of Shadows, Frozen Free Fall Snowball Fight, Deer God and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. Click the link below for the Soundcloud version which you can download and listen to whilst burning the bodies of your fallen enemies!

link for this thing…

Critapocalypse Podcast 23 – Free To Play Game Recommendation Jamboree

Hey there! It’s the new Critapocalypse Podcast! Films reviewed this week are Attack on Titan, Fantastic Four and Edge of Tomorrow. We also talked a bunch of (mostly) free to play games, because we’re poor. Those games are No Man’s Run, Spooky’s House of Jump Scares, How To Survive, Pac-Man 256 and Fallout Shelter. No TV reviews this week because we appear to have sworn of episodic entertainment. Click below for the Soundcloud version, which you can download, and the time codes for all the reviews.

Marvel at how Matt assumes ya’ll know nothing about Attack on Titan!

Critapocalypse Podcast 22 – Wet Hot Woking Summer

There’s the new Critapocalypse Podcast video version. Episode 22 features film reviews in the form of Pixels and Wet Hot American Summer. We discuss games such as Rocket League, Life Is Strange Episode 4. Rare Replay, Shadow Warrior and The Stanley Parable. Also, Matt talked about his new TV. So I guess we do tech reviews now. Click the link below for the Soundcloud version, which you can download, and also peruse the timecodes for each of the reviews!

It was so hot that evening.

Critapocalypse Podcast 21 – Matt Needs To Pee Edition

Hey folks! Here’s the latest Critapocalypse Podcast. We took a week off for Eid and now we’re back! Films reviewed this week are Sharknado 3, Ex Machina, Ted 2 and Ant-Man. We also reviewed the new series of Bojack Horseman and have games reviews in the form of Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, So Many Me and Card Hunter. Matt also needed to pee multiple times. Click below for Soundcloud links and various other stuff such as the timecodes for each review.

We did some bad math at the start. That’s Matt’s fault.

Critapocalypse Podcast 20 – Spoilers Everywhere!

Here’s the latest Critapocalypse Podcast within which Matt spoils everything to do with Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys and Batman Arkham Knight. Also, we reviewed Expendables 3, Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse, N2O, Road Redemption and the Halo Master Chief Collection. Click the link below for the ultra sexy and doanloadable audio version via Soundcloud along with the timecodes for all the reviews.

Seriously, Matt spoiled the whole of Terminator Genisys