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Let Us Compile A Top (And Bottom) 5 List!

Seeing as it is The Film Dump’s first ever birthday today I thought I’d put together two fun little top fives. The first will be a top 5 of my favourite films that I have watched over the last year. The other will be the absolute worst films I have watched over this last year. I’ll be honest, thanks to my love of a good ran I’ve probably seen more bad films over this last year than I normally would have. Obviously it’s all in the pursuit of providing some form of entertainment for anyone that happens to stumble across this blog whilst searching for pictures of Chris Evans with his shirt off. So, click the link for the best & worst of The Film Dump’s first year!

Maybe I should make a mixtape too


Movie Review No.50: Mortal Kombat Annihilation

It dawned on me earlier this week that in the space of a little over 3 months I had written nearly 50 movie reviews. If I keep this pace up I could do 200 in a year. Is that good going? How many does Ebert do in a year? Does Google want to pay me to do this? All are questions that I’d like to be answered with the word “yes”. Even the second one. Anyway, I figured I should pick out a film that means something to me. A film that managed to kill dead my interest in a whole franchise for a number of years. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Citizen Kane of movies referred to ironically as the Citizen Kane of videogame based movies… Mortal Kombat Annihilation.

I hope everyone involved in this film gets herpes.

Film Review No.1: MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

So yeah. First review and I choose Mortal Kombat. The epic martial arts film directed by then fresh faced up-and-comer Paul Anderson before he got that W and a supermodel wife and became possibly the most prolific hack in Hollywood. Why review this film? Cos I just watched it and them’s the rules.