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Critapocalypse Podcast 9

Hello there. It’s that time of the month where I post the latest Critapocalypse Podcast. Well, that one of 2 times in a month because the podcast is fortnightly. Anyway, this week we review all sorts of stuff like American Sniper, Crash (the good one) and the WWE network. There’s other stuff too but you’ll just have to watch to find out. Or go to either the Youtube of Soundcloud page where there’s a list in the description. By the way, Critapocalypse is on itunes now. Feel free to have a listen there or something. Soundcloud version after the link below.

We’re on itunes and stuff now.


Film Review No.328: Guardians Of The Galaxy


In the interest of being transparent I should tell you know that I am quite a fan of the works of James Gunn. Slither is a cult horror classic. Super was my favourite film of 2011 by some margin. I own a signed copy of the screenplay for that film, in fact. His script for the Dawn of the Dead remake helped craft what is probably one of the best examples of a horror remake in recent years. Hell, I even quite liked what he did with Scooby Doo. Some of it anyway. When I saw that he was signed on to direct guardians of the Galaxy I may have cheered a little. So yeah, I may be a bit bias here. That said, the 3 friends I watched the film with and almost all the response online agrees with me on the following opinion: Guardians of the Galaxy may be the best Marvel film so far. Click the link below for my full review.

I am Groot

It’s The Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer!


I’m probably going to be a little bias when it comes to this film. If you’ve been reading this here blog site thing for a while you may know that I’m a bit of a fan of James Gunn. Super was easily my favourite film of 2012 and that he managed to write a remake of Dawn of the Dead that didn’t suck means he should have won some sort of medal. Hell, it’s probably the only good, non-comedy, zombie film for decades. James works best on the fringes and here he’s been given one of Marvel’s more obscure groups of characters to present to an audience that, mostly, will have never heard of them at all. From the looks of the trailer Marvel isn’t going to be holding back on the spectacle required of Guardians of the Galaxy and it seems James Gunn’s visual style and sense of humour is making it through intact. Basically, I like what I see. Click the link below to see the trailer.

Has Hooked on a Feeling stopped being associated with Ally McBeal yet?

Film Review No.256: Thor – The Dark World


So Marvel thought it would be hilarious to release Thor The Dark World right in the middle of my Horror Week. Good going Marvel! Why not screw everything up for me as much as you can? Like that time you released The Avengers just as I was about to do my traditional joke review for The Film Dump’s 1st birthday. I’m sure they’ll find a way to screw up the Godzilla season I’m planning. Jerks. Yup, Marvel have it in for me, clearly. So, Thor The Dark World is out in the UK and I just got back from seeing it. So here’s my review… right in the middle of Horror Week. Click the link.

Unfortunately Kat Dennings is still covered up in this one. Racists.

Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Here!!!

I’m in two minds about posting this trailer. Not because it lacks anything, the trailer is amazing, but because there’s gonna be some many sites posting this I’ll be lucky to pull 3 views from it. But if you happen to be one of the few people that has not come across this trailer elsewhere then click the link below to enjoy the really, really awesome trailer for Iron man 3. I’ll chuck in a bonus unrelated video after the link too.

Does whatever an iron can.