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Film Review No.169: Dredd 3D

I’d like to say that a round of applause is needed for whoever it was that retained the integrity to resist calling this film DR3DD. Someone in a suit must have had the temptation to do so and I’m glad it was avoided. Oddly the film is referred to a Dredd 3D everywhere but the film itself doesn’t. This is one of many things about Dredd (I ain’t using the 3D either from now on) resists the temptation to do for the sake of tick boxes of nonsense in modern action films. Also, Dredd may be one of the best films I’ve seen this year. It will wash any bad taste many people will have of the Stallone film right out of your mouth. There is honestly so much to like about this film and if you click the link below I’ll tell you what they are.

This film is far from Dredd-ful! Ho ho ho!!!


Film Review No.168: Judge Dredd

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to get my opinionated mitts all over this film for some time. The 1995 Sylvester Stallone starring Judge Dredd movie is one of the most maligned comic book adaptations of all time. It gets a crazy amount of flak, some justified to be fair. Wait, was that a pun? It is by no means perfect… but… I think it deserves a little bit of defending. Now I’ll go over the films various problems for sure, but I want people to know this. I enjoy this film and I’m not afraid to say it. And I think that if you took the time to watch it again you may find yourself a little less quick to unfairly judge it.

Oh, that was a pun for sure.

“I knew you’d say that” was a pretty bad running gag to be honest.

Who Wants To See Dredd Deal Some Justice Red Band Style?

Well here’s a red band clip from Dredd. It’s nice and violent and from what I’ve heard this is a really tame scene. I like that the slo-mo is actually in the context of the films story. The drug the perps are taking makes them feel like the world is moving 100 times slower than it is. Notice the blood popping out over the edge of the frame. Look at my post for Oz The Great And Powerful to read what I think of that. Click the link for the clip!

Drokk this Stomm!

Drokk Me! It’s A Trailer For Dredd!!!

Dredd, as in the Judge, is coming to cinemas in September and only now is a trailer coming to the surface. You’d think that would be cause for concern but word is that people raved about the screening held at Cannes. When you keep in mind that that screening was reportedly in a boiling room lacking air con and that no-one left it kinda makes you wonder why they’ve been so late to start the promo work. I’d imagine it’s because this film is being done on the relative cheap. The world of Judge Dredd is a big and very complex one to pull off in film. What they’ve done here with a relatively small $30milliom budget is base their Mega City One as a near future design. So less extra work on actual locations and they can keep all the flashy stuff in the skylines. The trailer looks pretty dark and gritty evoking the mood more than the look of the comics. I think it’s looking a fair bit better than the Stallone film, which I actually kinda enjoy in a perverse way. Anyway, click the link for the trailer!