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Film Review No.366: Wreck-It Ralph


So I’ve been away from this whole review writing thing for a few weeks. It was a combination on working on videos for my Youtube gaming channel (Mellow gaming, check it out!) and being on holiday in Edinburgh. But I’m back now and I really will try to get these film reviews posting a little more frequently. I mean, I at least have to post one towards the end of the month when we hit The Film Dump’s 4th birthday. What fresh horror of a film will I choose for that? Who knows? I kinda know. Like, I have a pick that will likely be the film. Anyway, this is a review of Wreck-It Ralph… I should probably get on with that.

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Film Review No.167: Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

About a week ago I noted that when I come to review truly great films, such as RoboCop in that instance, I often worry that I’ll struggle to find the right words to describe just how good the film is. Today I review a film that is also going to be a struggle to find the right words for. Not because it’s a stunning film that should go down in history as one of the greatest ever. It is certainly not that. It’s also not a terrible film. The trouble with Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is that it is, as the title suggests, a Tim & Eric movie. They have such a unique and specific corner of comedy all to themselves and it becomes hard to criticise their film on the standards you would most. It’s one of those films that the fans will “get”, that most people won’t and what that means is that the films worth becomes difficult to quantify. Wish me luck…


Film Review No.160: Step Brothers

Unfathomably, John C Reilly season continues here on The Film Dump! Somehow, through the sheer luck of the Lovefilm disc selection lottery I have managed to receive 3 John C Reilly starring films in a row. Seriously, I did nothing to manipulate this. Last week I reviewed Carnage, at the start of this week I reviewed We Need To Talk About Kevin and today I’m covering the Will Ferrell & John C Reilly starring Step Brothers. I don’t think I have any more films on my rental list with him in them though so normal service should be resumed shortly. For now, click the link for my review dum-dum.


Film Review No.159: We Need To Talk About Kevin

Hey, it’s somehow John C Reilly week here on The Film Dump so here’s my second John C Reilly starring film of the two I happened to get from Lovefilm, We Need To Talk About Kevin. OK, so it’s not really John C Reilly week. That isn’t really a thing. Was kinda random how I got this and Carnage at the same time though. True fact, I’ve never seen Step Brothers. Or Cyrus. People rave about them but instead of getting myself copies I was probably watching something like Chanbara Beauty or playing World Of Warcraft. Should I add those films to my Lovefilm rentals list? Post a comment on my webzone. Don’t forget to like The Film Dump on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! Can you tell that I’m just filling out this intro paragraph? Click the jump for the actual words that compromise of my review for We Need To Talk About Kevin!

No-one plays someone that looks ill quite like Tilda Swinton