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Critapocalypse Podcast 13 – Powered By Cheap Rum

Here’s the latest Critapocalypse Podcast! Matt and I review the 1989 Peter Weller film Leviathan, recent Jeff Bridges attempt to cash in on the 3D trend, which has pretty much died out now, Seventh Son. We also review Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Battlefield Hardline, Pillars of Eternity, Borderlands The handsome Collection and Life Is Strange Episode 2. If you click the link below you can listen or download the Soundcloud version. Click below for review shenanigans and the time codes for each individual review!

Why has the rum gone?


Let Us Compile A Top (And Bottom) 5 List!

Seeing as it is The Film Dump’s first ever birthday today I thought I’d put together two fun little top fives. The first will be a top 5 of my favourite films that I have watched over the last year. The other will be the absolute worst films I have watched over this last year. I’ll be honest, thanks to my love of a good ran I’ve probably seen more bad films over this last year than I normally would have. Obviously it’s all in the pursuit of providing some form of entertainment for anyone that happens to stumble across this blog whilst searching for pictures of Chris Evans with his shirt off. So, click the link for the best & worst of The Film Dump’s first year!

Maybe I should make a mixtape too

Movie Review No.61: The Big Lebowski

In my review for True Grit I said that that film was the second best Coen Brothers film behind The Big Lebowski. What I should have said was that it was my second favorite. There’s a difference. Technically True Grit is the better made film, but only just. The Big Lebowski, much ignored upon its release, has gone on to easily become the most revered of all the Coen Brothers films. It is easily my favorite. So if you’re not a fan of positive reviews don’t bother clicking on the jump. If you do like a bit of positivity though…

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Movie Review No.49: True Grit (2010)

Ever wondered why people keep calling some films remakes when they’re not? For example, the Coen Brothers version of True Grit is not a remake of the John Wayne film from 1969. Yes they share the same story and characters but they’re both based on the same book and so they are adaptations of that book. They share the core aspects of plot, character and setting but the way they play out is full of differences. A film is only a remake if it is A) based on a film that started life as a film and nothing else (the US remake of Godzilla for example) or B) is a near carbon copy of the a film based on a book (For example the 1998 version of Psycho). Why do I make a point of this? Because the Coen’s adaptation of True Grit is a film to be judged on it’s own merits rather than be compared to the much lighter John Wayne movie. And with that, judge it I shall…

The Rooster abides

An error in my Tron Legacy review…

Yesterday in my Tron Legacy review I failed to note one important fact, that at multiple points in the film Jeff Bridges channels The Dude. This shall be rectified by the following link.

Sorry for the lack of embed but for some reason it won’t work. Fascists.

Film Review No.2: Tron Legacy

Yesterday I reviewed a film I waited 2 years for. Mortal Kombat the game was released in 1993 and the film reached theatres in 1995. 2 years felt like an eternity then. All the while there was one film I wanted more. A sequel I had literally been waiting my whole life for. The original Tron film was released in late 1982, around 4 months after I was born. I probably saw it for the first time when I was about 3 or 4. I loved the hell out of it then and still do now. Even at that young an age I knew what was going on cos I was raised at the dawn of the digital age and my dad was just as much of a computer nerd as I am now. Fast forward 28 years and Tron Legacy was released in the cinema, in 3D no less. Was the wait gonna be worth it? Was my childhood obsession with these little computer people going to be sated? Follow the link to find out…

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