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Film Review No.328: Guardians Of The Galaxy


In the interest of being transparent I should tell you know that I am quite a fan of the works of James Gunn. Slither is a cult horror classic. Super was my favourite film of 2011 by some margin. I own a signed copy of the screenplay for that film, in fact. His script for the Dawn of the Dead remake helped craft what is probably one of the best examples of a horror remake in recent years. Hell, I even quite liked what he did with Scooby Doo. Some of it anyway. When I saw that he was signed on to direct guardians of the Galaxy I may have cheered a little. So yeah, I may be a bit bias here. That said, the 3 friends I watched the film with and almost all the response online agrees with me on the following opinion: Guardians of the Galaxy may be the best Marvel film so far. Click the link below for my full review.

I am Groot


It’s The Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer!


I’m probably going to be a little bias when it comes to this film. If you’ve been reading this here blog site thing for a while you may know that I’m a bit of a fan of James Gunn. Super was easily my favourite film of 2012 and that he managed to write a remake of Dawn of the Dead that didn’t suck means he should have won some sort of medal. Hell, it’s probably the only good, non-comedy, zombie film for decades. James works best on the fringes and here he’s been given one of Marvel’s more obscure groups of characters to present to an audience that, mostly, will have never heard of them at all. From the looks of the trailer Marvel isn’t going to be holding back on the spectacle required of Guardians of the Galaxy and it seems James Gunn’s visual style and sense of humour is making it through intact. Basically, I like what I see. Click the link below to see the trailer.

Has Hooked on a Feeling stopped being associated with Ally McBeal yet?

Something SUPER This Way Comes.

Yep, that’s a signed shooting script for James Gunn’s most excellent SUPER I have there. I won it on a Facebook competition back in May but somewhere along the way it got lost in the post. Contacted James a while back and being the jam up guy he is (As they would have said in the 1940s) he must have worked some magic and got a copy out to me. Arrived today. Well yesterday really. I heard someone knocking at the door at 9AM but ignored it because I was trying to sleep. No I’m not lazy. It was my day off work and I had been up watching the WWE Money In The Bank PPV until 4AM. Anyway, it’s signed by some pretty cool dudes such as James Gunn himself, Liv Tyler, Andre Royo (from The Wire), the legend that is Michael Rooker, Lloyd Friggin’ Kaufman and Toxie!!! There’s many many more too, as you can see, many of which I can’t make out… but that’s what autographs are like. I still can’t figure out what Ron Perlman wrote on the front of my Hellboy DVD years ago. Big thanks to Mr James Gunn for getting this to me. Pretty much the coolest thing I own.

Help me identify all the autographs.

Movie Review No.51: Super

Why in the blue hell didn’t I make this review No.50? It’s either because I wanted the 50th review to be a bit of a joke or that I watched this after I watched Mortal Kombat Annihilation and so this is the order it is reviewed in. The answer is actually a little of both. Hey, did you know that James Gunn wrote the Scooby Doo movie? It’s pretty cool when some guy known for more adult movies suddenly takes on a kids film. Brian Yuzna (Director of Faust and the Reanimator sequels) wrote Honey I Shrunk The Kids. How do these guys get jobs writing kids films? At what point did the producers of Scooby Doo go “You know who should write this? That James Gunn guy that did Tromeo and Juliet.”? Anyway.. read the review.

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