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Critapocalypse Podcast 26 – Matt Belches His Way Through Another Review

Oh man! Here’s the latest Critapocalypse podcast where myself and Matt reviewed a bunch of things and stuff that we saw and did over the last 2 weeks. Film Reviews this week include The hunger games Mockingjay Part 1, The Visit, the hive and possibly something else… I kinda lost track of what matt was rambling on about during that part. Matt also said words about that gravity Falls show and then claimed Steven Universe wasn’t good. The fool. We also discussed a bunch of new games such as Orbit, Extreme Exorcism, Game Corp DX, Mighty no.9’s demo and Super Mario maker. Matt also talked about Valiant Hearts, which we all played last year. Click below for the downloadable Soundcloud version and link and timecodes and whatnot.



Film Review No.386: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1-1

Would you look at that. I’m all up to date on them Hunger Games films what the teens like to watch and stuff. Maybe I’ll even go see part 2 in the cinema. It’s been a bit of a rocky ride. I really liked the first film, despite it’s lack of originality, but man I wasn’t keen on Catching Fire. The film… not the act of catching fire itself. I felt like the second film was entirely pointless as nothing really happens. It was essentially another Hunger games event with people saying Katniss has inspired rebellion without showing rebellion or even her developing to a point where she grows into her role as a figurehead for the movement. So, as I found the previous films to be diametrically opposed in quality, what did I think of the first half of Mockingjay? Click my link below to read my words about it.

Like, Mockingjays aren’t a real thing. This film’s title is nonsense.

Critapocalypse Podcast Episode 5 Yo!

A couple of days later than I intended, here’s episode 5 of Critapocalypse. In this episode we review, amongst other things, Hungergames: Mockingjay Part 1, Snowpiercer, Far Cry 4 & Elite Dangerous. Click the link below for the audio only downloadable version!

Podcast me do!

Film Review No.347: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One (ugh) about to be released, what better time is there for me to get around to watching the previous film in the series. I think I reviewed the first film just before Catching Fire came out too. I dunno. I don’t follow these things. What’s a Divergent? What’s all this about running around mazes? I dunno. Here’s my review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, or some shit.

catching dire more like!

Film Review No.262: The Hunger Games


Because my finger is always on the pulse of teenage literature I’m here to review the Hunger Games! That only just came out, right? No? It was over a year ago? oh…What’s Catching Fire? Maybe you should put it out then. OK, so maybe my finger isn’t entirely on the pulse of what the kids are watching these days. So I’m a little behind on getting to The Hunger Games. What did I think of it though? You don’t care? Oh… Well, it’s after the link. Would be nice if you at least read a little of the review.

What’s a Twilight? Never heard of it. Can’t be popular. Won’t watch.