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Film Review No.119: The Avengers

Well isn’t that odd, I’m reviewing two films with the same name one after the other. I hope no-one got confused or thinks I did that on purpose. Just so you know, this review right here is for Marvel’s The Avengers, or Avengers Assemble as they’re calling it here in the UK. Apparently they actually think their core audience is aware of the 60s TV series that my last film review was based on. So I guess if you’ve found your way to this review via a search you’re probably already aware of just how good this film has turned out. Which I guess makes me reviewing it pointless then. Oh well. Bye!

Fine I’ll review it!



Trailer Park Thursdays: These Aren’t Trailers Edition. Avengers Behind The Scenes Footage!

Here’s something a little different this week. Instead of the usual random assortment of trailers this week we’re getting around 20 minutes of behind the scenes B-roll footage from The Avengers. Only 2 weeks to go until the summer blockbuster season gets kicked off to a start with Marvels mightiest heroes. I’m keeping an eye out for the trailer to the Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis starring Looper to become available too today so that will be added once I see it. For now, click the link for some Avengers based fun!

Avengers pre-assemble

Trailer Park Thursdays: アベンジャーズアセンブル Edition.

Can you tell that I’m running out of Avengers images to use at the top of the posts yet? Well, I suppose there is about 1 billion images on the interwebs but but finding ones that aren’t just a cluttered mass of random Marvel heroes? That’s the tricky part. Anyway, today I bring you the Japanese trailer for The Avengers, the new trailer for Battleship and some random retro goodness.

I hope Google translate didn’t screw me over there.

Trailer Park Thursdays: Avengers Assemble Edition.

So yeah, there’s a new Avengers trailer out and it’s pretty sexy. Looks like this will be the top popcorn flick of the summer for sure. On the flipside I’m going to post a trailer for the new Adam Sandler film, That’s My Boy, which looks terrible. Really really terrible. Also a new John Carter (Of Mars) trailer. I guess I’ll post something retro too when I can think of something. Click the link dawgs!!

Adam Sandler needs to just go away.

Here’s That New Avengers Trailer You Wanted.

So here’s the Super Bowl trailer for The Avengers. Looking pretty geek boner inducing if I may say so myself. Click the link you view it!

nerdgasm in here.

The Avengers Trailer Is Here!

Well here it is. The Avengers Movie trailer. The full one, not the one you saw at the end of Captain America. Is it me or is there a distinct Bay-formers feel to the first few seconds. Anyway, watch it, comment and be prepared to assemble at your local cinema next summer!

Avengers! Assemble!

Trailer Park Thursdays: It Ain’t Easy Being Green Edition

So we’re 1 day away from the UK release of Green Lantern and as you may have guessed from this blogs content I’m quite looking forward to it. Shame that it seems to be a stinker then. Obviously my review is the final word on it though so don’t you go forgetting that! We have 3 green themed trailers for today’s Trailer Park. There’s a final Trailer for The Green Lantern, there’s a new parody trailer for The Muppets Movie and the last one, as usual, is a retro trailer surprise! So click the jump to see the trailers!

In Greenist Day