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HORROR WEEK 2014: Film Review No.345: Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers


And so we draw to the end of Horror Week 2014, and what a ghoulish/weird time it was. But, alas, all things must end. There is only one correct way to end a horror week and that is with a film with the word Halloween in title. I’ve already reviewed 3 of these films, one every Halloween… and so… it has come to pass… tonight, we look at Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers. Oooooo…

Because money talks and the Silver Shamrock sucked.


HORROR WEEK! Film Review No.257: Halloween 3 – Season of The Witch


It’s a Halloween tradition here at Film Dump towers… well, my house… to watch a Halloween film on Halloween. It’s not the most original of traditions. Since starting The Film Dump I have taken upon myself to review the entire Halloween franchise, one film at a time, one film per year. At this rate I’ll be done in 2020. That’s provided they don’t make any more. This may not have been my best idea. Tonight is the third Halloween in The Film Dump’s existence and, as such, I must now review the anomaly that is Halloween 3: Season of the Witch! Again, not my greatest idea. Click the link for my words what are about this film.

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

The Weekend Dump: Horror Week Is Incoming!!!


Occasionally on this here internet blog space thing I like to do what I’ve come to term as “Spleurgs” or, more commonly, “Review Seasons”. In these review seasons I do two things. Firstly I pick a set of films to review, usually in a chronological order. Secondly I forget to eat. I nearly died during the James Bond marathon. Next Thursday is Halloween and so for the next 7 days The Film Dump will be going through a new review season. This season is creatively called HORROR WEEK! I did a HORROR WEEK 2 years ago which was very successful. If you measure success by the amount of views that one film I included for a joke took. I didn’t have time for a HORROR WEEK last year due to the James Bond season and the onset of malnutrition. I did get the Halloween day review done though. See, I’ve also made it a tradition to review a Halloween film each year on October 31st. So without further ado, click the link below to find out what films I’ll be reviewing over the coming week.

When exactly is Thriller night?

Film Review No.196: Halloween 2 (1981)

Last year, in the run up to and over Halloween, I did a season of 6 horror movie reviews. Well, 5 horror movies and Showgirls. I was planning to do one this year but that gargantuan Bond marathon got in the way. I’m not missing Halloween night though, and in doing so I plan to begin a Film Dump tradition. Every Halloween night I intend to cover an entry in the Halloween film series. I did the first film last year so tonight is the turn of Halloween 2. Let’s see how many years I can keep this going before either running out of films or being purchased by Google for a cool billion dollar-pounds at which point I would bugger off and be a big rich slob. Maybe. Click the link yo!

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?