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Weekend Dump: Crisis On Infinite DC Film Earths


I don’t write these Weekend Dumps as often as I used to. Was finding that I was often just resorting to making listicles, which I’m not a fan of. Not because their often just clickbait, but because the name is fucking stupid and I feel unclean for doing them. I’ve been thinking that, from now on, Weekend Dump’s should be primarily either discussion of the craft of film or, possibly more often, a rambling train of thought on some, likely, nerdy nonsense I have been thinking about recently. You may already know which of those this is. Click below to read on! You won’t believe what the fourth paragraphs says…. ugh… think I just vommed.

Film Dump will be retconned eventually


Film Review No.276: The Lego Movie


Hands up who thought The Lego Movie would turn out good? I didn’t. I saw the charm in the initial trailer, but, kind of expected the film to end up being one of those kids films that end up being a series of dumb jokes wrapped around the most flimsy of stories. I mostly expected it to be a huge advert for Lego toys. Well, it is that. I’m pretty sure many people that have left the film have gone and purchased a Lego set shortly after. I probably would have if I had a spare few thousand pounds to buy what sets I could with that. So, like, one minifig and a small car, right? The Lego Movie represents everything that I should hate about films aimed at children. Its humour is puerile, its filled with nonsense, its a marketing ploy, it has that one catchy song that won’t fecking LEAVE MY HEAD!!!… It’s so frigging awesome. Click the link.

Apparently everything is awesome or something.

#SayNoTo3D Let’s Get this Thing Trending!

Click the link for my rant/attempt to rally a rebellion against unavoidable 3D showings!

#SayNoTo3D tweet it.

Movie Review No.46: Green Lantern Emerald Knights

Been a lot of Green lantern activity during the short life of this here blog. I certainly featured the trailers for the movie enough times. Add to that the reviews of said movie and the First Flight animated film. If you read the title for this page and didn’t just randomly click on some link that led you here you’d see that I’m not done with everyone’s interstellar space cop just yet. Hell I could drag out my copy of Justice League New Frontier and get even more Green Lantern action but for now I think I’ll settle for a while with the review for Green Lantern Emerald Knights.

The whole Black Lantern Corps saga kinda sucked

Movie Review No.27: Green Lantern

Well my most looked forward to comic book movie of the summer is here. The Green lantern movie is finally here. I’ve posted like a million… well closer to 3, trailers for this film. I themed a Trailer Park entry around it and also reviewed the animated movie the other day. Just got back from seeing Green Lantern and you know what, it wasn’t all bad. I guess I should go into more depth, which I will, after the jump.

In Blackest night…

Trailer Park Thursdays: It Ain’t Easy Being Green Edition

So we’re 1 day away from the UK release of Green Lantern and as you may have guessed from this blogs content I’m quite looking forward to it. Shame that it seems to be a stinker then. Obviously my review is the final word on it though so don’t you go forgetting that! We have 3 green themed trailers for today’s Trailer Park. There’s a final Trailer for The Green Lantern, there’s a new parody trailer for The Muppets Movie and the last one, as usual, is a retro trailer surprise! So click the jump to see the trailers!

In Greenist Day

Movie Review No.26: Green Lantern First Flight

So first off, no, this isn’t a review for the new Green lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds. By some lucky stars in alignment sort of chance the animated Green Lantern movie First Flight came in the post this morning from Lovefilm. So I watched it and am now reviewing it kind of making this now an unofficial green Lantern Week hereon The Film Dump because on Friday i will be seeing the aforementioned Ryan Reynolds film and reviewing it on that night. So if you found this review because you were searching for Green Lantern movie reviews go forward a few pages and you should find it. So… on with the show.

In Brightest Day…