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Film Review No.390: Star Wars – Episode VII – The Force Awakens

Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens 1

Well this has been a long time coming. Yes, the time is finally upon us to all bask in the resplendent majesty of a new review on The Film Dump. Yes, I realise it has been a few weeks. Yes, I realise some of you may have taken to getting film recommendations from… shall we say… lesser critics. But know that I am here for you. In your most desperate hour… I am your only hope, for I have seen The Force Awakens and I am here to tell you that it is… pretty decent. Click below for the words about the film. I’ll try to avoid major spoilers and anything too specific.

Shame there’s only been 3 previous Star Wars films.


Film Review No.357: The People Vs George Lucas

People vs George Lucas-1

Remember George Lucas? He was that guy that messed up Star Wars like a jerk and should be hated for it. Also, he made Star Wars so he’s pretty cool. He also made Howard: A New Breed of Hero which was terrible and so he’s terrible. Oh, and he wrote raiders of the Lost Ark which is fecking awesome. And thus you see the conflict at the heart of many a nerd and the subject of today’s film, The People vs George Lucas. Click the link below for an awesome review… or the worst bloody thing you’ve ever read.

In a few years I’ll remaster this with, like, way more digital Jawas or something

#SayNoTo3D Let’s Get this Thing Trending!

Click the link for my rant/attempt to rally a rebellion against unavoidable 3D showings!

#SayNoTo3D tweet it.

Trailer Park Thursdays: Cryptic Clues Edition

So basically there’s no trailers of worthy note released this week, well unless you count a new trailer for Underworld Awakening. I don’t. Those films blow. So instead I thought I’d have a little fun and post a few trailer that relate to my next review somehow. Then you guys can guess what it is in the comments. Also if you’re one of the handful of people I have told what the next review is then, well, shut the FLIP up!

Sorry for that outburst there.

Movie Review No.67: Star Wars – Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi (2011 S.E.)

So this is it. The final (current) installment of the Star Wars Saga. We’ve seen wars. We’ve seen stars. We’ve seen wars that take place in the stars, Star Wars if you will. We’ve seen Anakin be drawn into the Darkside. We’ve seen Luke Skywalker learn about the force and become a hero. We’ve heard the phrases ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this” and “Search your feelings, you know it to be true.” about 4 billion times. We’ve also seen just how difficult George Lucas finds it to internalise conflict… “Nooooooooooo!” for example. Also see “No Noo Nooooo!” and as this film features “No…. Noooooaahhhhhhh!!!” Click the link.


Movie Review No.66: Star Wars – Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (2011 S.E.)

Awwww shiiit! It’s The Empire Strikes Back bay-beh! Where’s yo curly mustache at? hmmmm. That was out of place. Anyway. The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars film by quite some way and if you don’t agree with that you can go suck a Bantha dick. I cannot fathom just how many times I have seen this film. What makes this film so great? Read on to find out.

Execute review 66. … That would have worked better if this was Revenge Of The Sith.

Movie Review No.65: Star Wars – Episode IV – A New Hope (2011 S.E.)

Here we are. The original trilogy. Out goes CGI and hammy acting and in comes… CGI and hammy acting. Oh, special editions. Well hammy acting is a Star Wars trademark I suppose. As is George Lucas messing with the films. What this film does have that the prequel trilogy does not is a fine collection of sideburns. Until they get digitally removed of course. Anyway, this is where it all started. This is where every child of the late 70s and early 80s gained their obsession for all things sci-fi. click the link yo!

Punch it Chewy!