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Critapocalypse Podcast 11

Here’s the eleventh ever episode of Critapocalypse: the Podcast: The Movie: The Game! To be honest, it’s just a podcast. But we do review movies and games. Also various other stuffs. This week we reviewed David Cronenberg’s Shivers, WWE NXT Rival, Running Shadow, Better Call Saul, Turtle power, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Friday the 13th on the NES and The Xbox Ultimate Sale. Above is the Youtube version and after the link is the Soundcloud version which you can download and listen to whilst having a poo!

You don’t have to be having a poo whilst listening to this by the way.

Critapocalypse 7 – The Best of 2014 Episode

In this super sexy episode 7 of Critapocalypse Matt and I discuss the best games, films and TV of the year along with bonus best “thing” of the year and worst film of the year categories. What things will we nominate? How predictably dull will our choices be? Find out in the video above or click the link below to listen to the Soundcloud version. You can even download that one. Also, this episode features the best ending we’ve ever done. Easily the perfect way to send out 2014. Click the link yo!

This episode has the best ending we’ve ever done.

Critapocalypse Podcast Episode 5 Yo!

A couple of days later than I intended, here’s episode 5 of Critapocalypse. In this episode we review, amongst other things, Hungergames: Mockingjay Part 1, Snowpiercer, Far Cry 4 & Elite Dangerous. Click the link below for the audio only downloadable version!

Podcast me do!

Critapocalypse Episode 4

Well here’s episode 4 of Critapocalypse! It’s a podcast myself and my mate Matt over at Cinemageddon do where we review films, games, tv shows and any other random stuff we fancy. Sometimes new things, sometimes old. Up there is the video enhanced version of the podcast. By enhanced I mean it has pictures and occasionally video for game reviews. For the audio only version, which you can download, is after the link.

Reviews. Critique. Opinions. Death.

Critapocalypse Episode 3!

That right there is the super sexy, pretty much a glorified slideshow version of episode 3 of the Critapocalypse Podcast. In this episode we review various stuff such as Sunset Overdrive, Slugs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), Episode 1 of the new seasons of The Flash and Arrow and various other things. Click the link below for the Soundcloud streaming version which you can also download and listen while you walk to work… you’re nearly 2 hour walk to work.

This week’s villain is Lawrence Limburger

Critapocalypse Episode 2 Is Here Yo

So we went and made another of these stupid bloody podcasts. In case you missed it last time, Critapocalypse is a podcast I make with my buddy Matt over at Cinemageddon. In it we review a load of random stuff. Mostly TV shows, films and games, but often random things we’ve done. Click the link below to see what we reviewed in this episode and get a link to the downloadable Soundcloud version.


The Critapocalypse Is Upon Us.

Well, there’s a podcast with that name anyway. Last weekend I recorded a podcast with my buddy Matt over at Cinemageddon. in it we discuss and critique various films, games, tv shows and even a toilet roll. Up there is the video version of the podcast, which is a combination of slideshow and gameplay footage. Below I’ll post the link to the audio only version where you can download the podcast to listen whilst sat on the toilet. Just make sure you listen to my thoughts on Morrison’s Shea Butter Toilet Roll first though. I care about your comfort. So yeah, that’s out podcast. Tell us what you think. I’ll post new episodes whenever I get the video version edited together. If you like your gaming then have a look at my Mellow Gaming Youtube channel where I host the podcast video. You might like it. Maybe.

Here’s the audio only link at Soundcloud.