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Film Review No.379: Ant-Man


Ant-Man is the latest in a long line of Marvel Cinematic Universe films people decided would be rubbish before it was released only to be proven wrong. Have I spoiled that the film is actually really quite good with that first sentence? Yes. Yes I have. Please do read the rest of this review though, despite my conclusion being all up front and stuff. I just feel it’s worth pointing out early on that Ant-Man is good and you should probably see it. Now I’ll tell you why and stuff.

Honey I shrunk the theif


The Weekend Dump: 5 Films That Make Me Grin


Today was my last day of work for Gala Coral Group. I’ve been working there for the last 6 months after having been made redundant from HMV. I’m leaving Gala Coral for the same reason. Before HMV I was at Electronic Arts where I left after my job got sent to Romania. Suffice to say it’s been a rubbish last few years for jobs for me. So I need cheering up. But I’m one to share so this weekend I’m going to share with you my top 5 (in no particular order) films that make me grin. Also, this is totally not a hashed out list because I couldn’t think of a real Weekend Dump topic this week. Click the link below for the list!

5,4,3,2,1… 54321!

Film Review No.240: The World’s End


This is it. The grand finale to the three flavours Cornetto trilogy. A trilogy that pretty much doesn’t actually exist but the marketing team have enjoyed all the money from cross promoting this with the UK’s leading brand of cone based ice cream. So, no, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End aren’t really a trilogy. Much less one that is intrinsically tied together by a quite nice ice cream based confection. Personally the mint choc chip was always my favourite, but I can settle for strawberry. Can I have my free box of Cornettos now Walls? Anyway, my review of The World’s End is after that link thing that’s below this paragraph. Unless you came straight to this page. In which case just keep scrolling down. Don’t forget to read though. I like it when people do that.

What’s with those new mini ice cream free Cornettos? That’s just odd.

Film Review No.134: The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn

When I was a kid I used to watch Herge’s Adventures of Tintin on Channel 4 here in the UK. It was a pretty cool adventure cartoon series but it was never my favourite. I grew up at the exact time Transformers blew up and so you can understand why the adventures of a boy, his dog and a drunken sea captain wasn’t my top show. That said I’ve always enjoyed and respected the work of Herge’s Tintin despite it’s complete lack of giant robots that turn into cars.. Enough for me to approach this Tintin movie with a little bit of caution. Mostly that caution was down to the two main creative forces behind the film, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Neither have been putting out there best works in recent years, both have been overly prone to either self indulgence or misguided ideas. Both issues show up here but thankfully not so much as to damage the film. Click the link for my full review.


Let Us Compile A Top (And Bottom) 5 List!

Seeing as it is The Film Dump’s first ever birthday today I thought I’d put together two fun little top fives. The first will be a top 5 of my favourite films that I have watched over the last year. The other will be the absolute worst films I have watched over this last year. I’ll be honest, thanks to my love of a good ran I’ve probably seen more bad films over this last year than I normally would have. Obviously it’s all in the pursuit of providing some form of entertainment for anyone that happens to stumble across this blog whilst searching for pictures of Chris Evans with his shirt off. So, click the link for the best & worst of The Film Dump’s first year!

Maybe I should make a mixtape too

Trailer Park Thursday: Everyone Dies Edition

Been a busy week for movie trailers. Already posted the new Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows trailer and George C Scott viewing the trailer for Jack And Jill. Luckily I’ve still got a few spare for today. We have confusingly title The Thing, confusing because it’s a prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter film of the same name. Then I’ll follow that up with John Carter (Formerly Of Mars), Contagion, a new Tintin trailer, Final Destination 5 and, as always, something retro. Click the jump yo.

Busy week yo!

Stats Dump. We’re One Month Old Today… Well just before midnight last night really…

So yeah, I started this blog around midnight on the 25th of April on a whim after watching Mortal Kombat and thinking “I should write a review of this in the hopes someone will read it and help massage my ego”. Well 30 days later and there’s very little ego massaging going on, but there are stats to be shared. So here we go…

Lots of numbers this way! YAY!!!