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The Weekend Dump: The Garbled Ramblings Of A Man With A Headache


So I pretty much have no plan for what to write this week. I’ve made The Weekend Dump a semi regular posting here where I rant or discuss something going on in film recently. Some weeks there’s something quite interesting going on. Some weeks there’s bugger all. This week we had the nominations for the Academy Awards. I would write a thing about them but I am way under qualified what with my lack of funds dictating that I don’t get to go see new films too often. I actually only saw 13 films that were released during 2013. That’s why my last review was for Story of Ricky. Lack of funds. As I can’t comment on the Oscars, and not much big has happened in film news, this weekend’s dump is going to be me rambling about a few different film related stuffs. This may also because I had nothing planned. Also, I have a headache. Click the link below to see how much of a disaster this turns out to be.

Honestly, I planned nothing.


The Weekend Dump: Do Actors Not Give A S*** Any More?


This has been an interesting week for my brain when it comes to films. Three things happened that got my brain thinking once combined together. First was the very sad news of the passing of actual, genuine, legend of cinema Peter O’Toole. Second was the bizarre story of Shia LaBeouf not having a clue what plagiarism is. The third thing was watching an Adam Sandler film where, in a rare break of professional character, he quite clearly gave a shit. So this all got me thinking. What has happened over the years to make some of the more recent stars just not seem to give a crap about what they’re doing? Why was there a certain level of class and integrity with actors of Peter O’Toole’s generation that is greatly lacking today?

I suppose the trick is not minding that it sucks.

Movie Review No.4: Ghost World

So the summer film season has kicked off and first out of the gate is Thor. A huge budget comic book adaptation of one of Marvel’s strongest licenses. Every summer since the release of the first Spider-man film in 2002 has pretty much been about big budget comic book adaptations. You’d almost think if you were a casual viewer that all comic books are about superheroes saving the world for supervillains in brightly coloured outfits. These films make mega bucks at the box office and the big studios love them. Which is exactly why we get multiple comic book superhero films every year. Trouble is, a large amount of comic books aren’t about superheroes or even good vs evil. A lot of them are just about people going through a portion of their lives. Which brings me to Ghost World…

This link is so Lame. Click it. I dare you. Loser.