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Film Review No.125: Conan The Barbarian (2011)

I reckon if you’ve grown up over the last 30 years you’ve likely been exposed to the world of Conan The Barbarian by now. Most likely via the 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger films. That’s all well and good but they aren’t the best interpretations of the Conan mythos. But that’s also part of what makes the world of Conan so much fun. Depictions of Conan have ranged from the high fantasy babes and violence of the Robert E Howard books and future Marvel comics to the fun for all ages adventures of the 90s cartoon Conan The Adventurer and the late 90s TV series. It’s best not to watch that series though. No interpretation of Conan has really been that close to the source. The new film maybe isn’t that perfect a depiction of the source material to be fair but it’s central choice of Jason Momoa as Conan is, in my opinion, pretty spot on. So what else does the film get right? Click the link to find out.

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Awesome And Gory New Conan The Barbarian Clip!!

Well this is promising. Here’s a clip from the new Conan The Barbarian film due out in a few months. There’s no Jason Mamoa here but we do get a fair bit of violence. It’s not looking as much like a 300 clone as the Trailers have suggested. Also it’s pretty cool to see some nice thick blood spurting about. Getting so tired of this cgi spray and puff blood. That craps just not visually interesting. Click the jump to see the clip!


Trailer Park Thursdays: Herge’s Adventures in Previews!!!

This weeks Trailer Park Thursday brings you the first trailer for Adventures of Tintin which is looking awesome/creepy depending on who you ask, the trailer for the new Conan The Barbarian film and to add a bit of relevancy to recent celebrity new the trailer for the original Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan The Barbarian for you to compare and contrast with the new films trailer. Hit the link for the trailer based fun.

By Krum!