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Film Review No.378: The Terminator


This review is a little bit delayed. Normally I review a film a day or so after watching it for review purposes. I watched the original Terminator film way over a week ago, literally right before seeing Terminator Genisys. So yeah, I took my time getting this done. I hadn’t seen the film for a couple of years. Terminator is one of those films I grew up with back in the days when parents gave zero shits what their kids watched. Oh the 80s was a grand time. So, how does James Cameron’s (second) first film hold up today? Really fucking well actually. Click below for wordstuffs.

My opinion on this can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with etc etc.


Film Review No.376: Terminator Genisys


The good thing about a franchise compromising of two universally praised films and two universally panned films is that a director, in this case Alan Taylor, only has to aim for mediocre in order to be regarded as the third best. Of course, it helps if the film is more on the side of good though. In that regard Alan Taylor has pretty much managed to hit a home run. In as much as Terminator Genisys is pretty decent and enough above mediocre to be on the right side of enjoyable. But lets go into more detail shall we? A semi spoilery review coming up. Although none more spoilery than the trailers have been really.

Genisys is the name of an operating system in the film, which is probably quite realistic.

Film Review No.372: The Running Man

Running Man 2

Just over a week ago I watched Mad Max Fury Road and now all action films have been ruined for me. Modern ones at least. I feel the need to watch films that feel more real and less like computer puppets being flung around a photo composite diorama. I need to see real stunts and real explosions. Maybe even some blood flying that wasn’t filmed in a small studio separate from the actors. For whatever reason I chose to watch The Running Man. It wasn’t a bad choice I suppose.


Film Review No.318: The Expendables 2


The Expendables is an odd beast. Marketed and pitched on the idea of bringing a group of 80s and 90s action stars together for a big explosive jamboree of violence, it is, instead, mostly recent action stars accompanying the random stars of the past in a pretty much modern action film. The first film seemed to have issue with this conflict, not sure where it should sit on the sides of 80s excess and modern flash. The sequel seems to have found a better footing though. Click the link below for my full review.

Hale Caesar and Toll Road have to eb the stupidest names ever put on film.

Film Review No.223: Commando


Well this has been a very macho week or so of reviews hasn’t it? First the film that spawned a billion space marines, Aliens, then we had some general all round macho bullshit in the form of G.I. Joe Retaliation and today we get to the real red meat eating macho bullshit. The Arnold Schwarzenegger cinematic masterpiece known only as Commando. Click the link for the review.

Let off some steam… with this review!