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Film Review No.221: Aliens (Special Edition)


God damn it I have been slacking off recently. Had all sorts of things pre-occupying my time though what with my recent redundancy. But now I am unemployed and so have nothing better to do than watch films and write reviews. Well, other than try to find a new job that is. 90 reviews ago I covered Alien, and right before that Prometheus. I did toy with the idea of doing a season of all the Alien series but I was headed to Sweden for a few days at that point and decided I’d just skip the review season idea. This may or may not have also been because I really don’t want to watch Alien Resurrection and the two Alien Vs Predator films. I will get to them someday, but believe me, I am in no rush. So, Aliens then. Click the link.

Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away? Cos I hope so, it’ll make me look better.


Film Review No.131: Alien (2003 Director’s Cut)

So a few hours before seeing Prometheus yesterday I got talked into watching Alien in anticipation of the new film. Literally watched Alien and left for the midnight showing of Prometheus. Now I love Alien. It’s one of my favourite films of all time, up there with Chinatown, Double Indemnity and Ghostbusters. That said I had never seen the director’s cut version. I purchased a copy back when it was released on DVD but couldn’t bring myself to watch it. For some reason the idea of watching a re-cut version of one of my favourite films bothered me. I was worried something would be lost or that, worse yet, Ridley Scott would have done something distasteful to one of my most loved films. A while back I got around to watching the Final Cut of Bladerunner. It was very good. It may be my favourite version of that film. So when a friend suggested we watch the director’s cut of Alien I thought, screw it. I can’t avoid it forever. Click the link to see if I nerd raged.

Needs more phallic symbols.

Film Review No.130: Prometheus

Check it out. I got a sort of review scoop. Prometheus has been released over here in the UK a full week before it’s US release which means I can bring you my review a little earlier in the films release schedule than usual. I’ll start by answering both your questions with one answer. That answer is “yes it is”. You’re questions are “Is that a Mass Effect 3 t-shirt you’re wearing?” and “What would be a nonsensical answer to this second question?” right? Oh your questions are “Is Prometheus a good film?” and “Is it actually a prequel to Alien?”. Then yes it is would still be the correct answer. Now this review may get a tiny bit spoilery so warnings have been given. Click the link for the review!

I liked the bit where the guy got a thing in his mouth. Subtle stuff.

Trailer Park Thursdays: It’s Not Thursday Edition

Cat picture is way relevant. So why am I posting trailers today? Because tomorrow night I’ll be out watching Prometheus, that’s why. I’ll do my best to get a review up right after I get home but considering that won’t be until 3AM there’s a chance I might just leave it until the next day seeing as I’m going to Sweden on June 2nd. So I figured I’d post a couple of trailers today. First up will be Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables, followed by Steve Carell and Keira Knightley starring Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World. After that something retro. Enjoy!

Kittens are always relevant!

Film Review No.129: Super 8

Who likes The Goonies? Everyone right? J.J. Abrams certainly does. So much so he’s made a bit of a modern love up to that early 80s style of kids adventure movie that wasn’t afraid to be a little action packed and occasionally scary. It’s a style of kids film that has been lost over the years. These days too many kids films are full of dumb jokes that even kids struggle to find funny and usually involve some actor trying his hardest to flush his career down the pan. Does anyone honestly think any kids are gonna grow up with fond memories of films such as The Tooth Fairy or The Pacifist? What kids want to see is giant fecking robots blowing stuff up. But other than that they wanna see other kids having adventures and getting into scrapes. As much as I’m not a fan at least the Harry potter films got that sort of right. So what did I think of Super 8’s attempts to bring back this style of kids film? Click the link to find out.

There’s only 5 kids and none of them are super. I don’t get it.

Film Review No.113: Cowboys & Aliens

That is such a straight to video B-Movie title for a film, I think we can all agree. Sounds like something The Asylum would make to shamelessly cash in on a summer blockbuster of a similar title. I should review more of their films. They’re so easy to rip to shreds with a near worrying level of enjoyment. What isn’t easy to rip to shreds though is Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens because it’s actually pretty damn good despite the low rent title. Click the link for my review folks!

Forgot to mention in the review, the aliens look pretty damn cool!

Ready For Not One, But Two New Trailers For Prometheus?

So last night it was getting late and I had some Mass Effect-ing to do. Whilst that was goign on a new trailer for Prometheus appeared… and then another. One is a US theatrical trailer and the other is a UK trailer. Both are very different and show a lot of new footage. The US one is the blockbuster movie style trailer you’d expect, that’ll be posted first. The UK one though is quite interesting. It’s a lot more story focused, especially the first half. Both trailers look very good. Can’t wait to see this come June 1st (UK release date), and then get home to write a review right before I head off to Sweden for 4 days. Hectic night incoming. Click the link to see both trailers.

Jazz hands!!