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Weekend Dump: Crisis On Infinite DC Film Earths


I don’t write these Weekend Dumps as often as I used to. Was finding that I was often just resorting to making listicles, which I’m not a fan of. Not because their often just clickbait, but because the name is fucking stupid and I feel unclean for doing them. I’ve been thinking that, from now on, Weekend Dump’s should be primarily either discussion of the craft of film or, possibly more often, a rambling train of thought on some, likely, nerdy nonsense I have been thinking about recently. You may already know which of those this is. Click below to read on! You won’t believe what the fourth paragraphs says…. ugh… think I just vommed.

Film Dump will be retconned eventually


Weekend Dump: 5 Films What Need A UK Home Release


So over the past year I’ve been on a quest to pick up more and more interesting films to cover on here. Quite often I’m confronted with the roadblock that is the lack of a UK release. Whilst there’s a number of cult DVD and Blu Ray distributors in the UK, Arrow, Eureka and BFI being amongst the best, they can’t release everything. What’s really baffling is that some of these films aren’t that obscure. For example, the only Godzilla films to be available on DVD in the UK are King Kong vs Godzilla, the 1998 film, the original (only on DVD despite a restoration) and the recent 2014 release. That’s 4 out of 30. Recently this issue has bugged me enough to actually bring back the Weekend Dump. So, here are 5 films I really would like to see get a UK release soon.

Please release me

The Weekend Dump: Godzilla Season Approaches

To read my review of the new Godzilla film head here.

That’s the new Godzilla trailer right there. It’s like they released it today to coincide with this post.

Back when I first started this blog, nearly 3 years ago, I figured a good way to try to grow the site would be to marathon review entire series of films at a time. This would usually be done to hype myself, and maybe you guys, up for an upcoming release. The first season I did was for the X-Men films. It was a manageable set of films to cover in a few days, what with there being only 5 films at the time. Gradually these seasons got a little larger though. Harry Potter was 8 films. Batman had 18 films, to which I’ve added another since. James Bond season featured 23 films. It was that season that prompted me to create a category just for Bond film reviews. Next month the Gareth Edwards directed, Legendary and Toho Pictures produced Godzilla film is released. It was looking pretty impressive when the first trailer leaked out, now it’s looking pretty damn incredible. Last year I decided it would be a good idea to review as many of the Godzilla films as I can in the build up to the release of this film. Little did I know how tricky this would become. Click the links for words regarding the upcoming Godzilla season.

Go go Godzilla!

The Weekend Dump: A (Semi) In-depth Look At RoboCop 2014


So I had an idea. Sometimes, in an attempt to keep my reviews between 1000 and 1500 words I tend to skim over a few aspects of a film. Sometimes I’ll even just not go into a certain aspect if I feel other aspects of praise or failure adequately convey the film’s overall quality. The recent remake of RoboCop is one such film that presented me with so much to discuss, both positive and negative, that fitting it all into one review would have been troublesome. So I thought to myself, why don’t I try something new? What I’m going to attempt to do in this post is dissect the various aspects of the film that I feel deserve to be talked about. How they effect the film’s story. How they elevate it. How they drag it down. Basically, my attempt at a little bit of a film studies style dissertation on production, story and the art of film. If this works I may start doing these for various other films. I always find it more interesting to do dissections of this nature with the more flawed films out there. You can learn a lot about what to do in cinema from Taxi Driver, but do you learn much of what not to do? So, click the link below to be whisked away to a very, very spoiler heavy dissection of RoboCop 2014.

Somewhere there is a film dissection being commited

The Weekend Dump: The Garbled Ramblings Of A Man With A Headache


So I pretty much have no plan for what to write this week. I’ve made The Weekend Dump a semi regular posting here where I rant or discuss something going on in film recently. Some weeks there’s something quite interesting going on. Some weeks there’s bugger all. This week we had the nominations for the Academy Awards. I would write a thing about them but I am way under qualified what with my lack of funds dictating that I don’t get to go see new films too often. I actually only saw 13 films that were released during 2013. That’s why my last review was for Story of Ricky. Lack of funds. As I can’t comment on the Oscars, and not much big has happened in film news, this weekend’s dump is going to be me rambling about a few different film related stuffs. This may also because I had nothing planned. Also, I have a headache. Click the link below to see how much of a disaster this turns out to be.

Honestly, I planned nothing.

The Weekend Dump: Do Actors Not Give A S*** Any More?


This has been an interesting week for my brain when it comes to films. Three things happened that got my brain thinking once combined together. First was the very sad news of the passing of actual, genuine, legend of cinema Peter O’Toole. Second was the bizarre story of Shia LaBeouf not having a clue what plagiarism is. The third thing was watching an Adam Sandler film where, in a rare break of professional character, he quite clearly gave a shit. So this all got me thinking. What has happened over the years to make some of the more recent stars just not seem to give a crap about what they’re doing? Why was there a certain level of class and integrity with actors of Peter O’Toole’s generation that is greatly lacking today?

I suppose the trick is not minding that it sucks.

The Weekend Dump: 5 Comics That Would Make For Great Films


Earlier this week I was thinking that I’d write this weekend’s Weekend Dump with the subject being that Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer. Then I figured that the trailer wasn’t really worth talking about more than I had already. Which was not much. Instead I decided to stick with the subject of comics, more specifically comics that should be made into films. Or more precisely, comics I’d like to see turned into films. Some of these are comics that, at some point, have been in the production pipeline in either a film or television format, but the key feature is that none of them have actually made it to film. And that just won’t do. Sort it out Hollywood! Click the jump for my lazily planned out list.

Should I have put Dan Dare on the list?