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Film Review No.392: The Wind Rises (Kaze Tachinu)

Wind Rises 1

So I’m a Studio Ghibli nerd. You may not realise this because I’ve only covered Arrietty so far on here. That was a silly mistake. I should have covered way more than just that. This weekend I finally got around to watching Hayao Miyazaki’s currently, definitely, absolutely final film The Wind Rises. Miyazaki claims this really is the last film he’ll direct and I have reason to believe him this time. You don’t make films like The Wind Rises without it being the full stop at the end of the sentence that makes up your career. Click below and I’ll tell you just how brilliant this film is.

Hehe… wind.


Film Review No.381: Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer 2

So Wet Hot American Summer is one of them there cult films all the cool people love these days but didn’t bother seeing when it came out. Probably because everyone hated it then. But tastes change and films can, sometimes, resonate more years later. I never really knew much about Wet Hot American Summer other than it having a cast full of now well known faces and for being the film with Bradley Cooper’s hot gay sex scene. You can go search Youtube for that if you like. Other than those points there’s little to the film I knew of, so I figured it was about time I checked it out. Also, there’s a series based on it on Netflix and I need something to watch when I’m done with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Anyway, on with the review.

A lot can get done in an hour.

Film Review No.366: Wreck-It Ralph


So I’ve been away from this whole review writing thing for a few weeks. It was a combination on working on videos for my Youtube gaming channel (Mellow gaming, check it out!) and being on holiday in Edinburgh. But I’m back now and I really will try to get these film reviews posting a little more frequently. I mean, I at least have to post one towards the end of the month when we hit The Film Dump’s 4th birthday. What fresh horror of a film will I choose for that? Who knows? I kinda know. Like, I have a pick that will likely be the film. Anyway, this is a review of Wreck-It Ralph… I should probably get on with that.

up up down down left right left right B A Start

Film Review No.363: Wayne’s World

Wayne's World-3

You know when a friend of yours has somehow not seen a film? You know, a film that they should have seen because it’s almost impossible to have not seen it. One of my friends was like that. She hadn’t seen Wayne’s World. Naturally I fixed that. Also, by some lovely piece of synergy, it resulted in the perfect companion piece to go with my last review. The film was Wayne’s World. That’s the film I’m on about. How does someone live, like, a bunch of years and never see Wayne’s World? Anyway, click the link below.

Monkeys might fly out this link

Film Review No.259: Watchmen – The Director’s Cut


Here’s a film I’ve been wanting to cover for a long time. Watchmen is a film that had been in development for nearly 20 years by the time Zack Snyder was able to bring it to the silver screen. In the past directors such as Darren Aronofsky, Paul Greengrass and Terry Gilliam had all made attempts to get this film made. Gilliam even termed the comic it is based on as unfilmable. If you’ve ever read the comic you’d probably agree. The story is thick with dialogue, richly layered with subtext and has some of the strongest character writing of the 20th century. I say with no intended hyperbole that Alan Moore is one of the greatest writers of modern times and Watchmen is his work at its most complex and creatively brilliant. When I first read the comic about 15 years ago I tried to envision what a film would be like. I just could not see it. I figured that Watchmen would be better suited to a 6-8 hour TV series, but then the budget would be ridiculous. I went to see this film in the cinema on release day expecting the worst, after all… there’s been a long line of terrible adaptations of Alan Moore’s work beforehand. Click the link to find out what I think of Watchmen.

I already wrote this review… 35 minutes ago. Actually it was likely a lot longer. I have no idea when you’ll be reading this.

Film Review No.241: The Wolverine


I think this might be the first time I’ve reviewed a new entry in a film series after having done a complete film season. Back when X-Men First Class was released I led up to it by reviewing all the X-Men films. Watching this series is much like being a gambling addict. You start of neutral and then your up, but before your know it your way down and you stay down but then your up again… but you know you could fall at any minute. The real danger comes when you keep getting up and keep feeling better, because after that come inevitable, crushing failure. The Wolverine manages to maintain the momentum started with X-Men First Class. This makes me worry about Days Of Future Past. But let us worry about that later. For now, click the link below to read what I thought of The Wolverine.

How many times has Wolverine survived a nuclear type explosion now?

Film Review No.197: The Woman

Well after a month of James Bond film reviews, and a Looper review… and a Halloween 2 review.. After a month of 25 frigging reviews, normal service is being resumed. Seriously, 25 reviews in one month is a hell of a lot for this blog. Now I can return to my usual list of random film nonsense and today I’m kicking it off with one I’ve had sat here since before I started the Bond marathon, a film by the name of The Woman. In it a woman found roaming the wild is captured and abused by a family. Fun times are back again!!! Click the link!

She ain’t no devil woman… she’s something else