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Film review No.300: Miami Connection


Sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll hold off on reviewing a film for what I consider a special occasion. For example, I held off covering any James Bond films until just before Skyfall was released because I felt it would make sense to cover them all at once. Same reason I’m covering the Godzilla films right now. Miami Connection is a film I wanted to hold off on until just the right moment. It needed to be a milestone film. And not one of them X50 milestones. This HAD to be a X00 milestone. I intended to review it 100 films ago as review 200 but I discovered that the Blu-ray was not region free a little too late and was unable to get another copy in time. That has been sorted this time around. I’ve held of watching what many now regard as the best-worst movie. Sorry Troll 2. If you have never heard of Miami Connection I implore you to read this review, maybe also watch the episode of Red Letter Media’s Best of the Worst where they cover this, and them embrace the fact that you will need to see this as soon as possible. Click the link below for The Film Dump’s 300th review!

Review for eternity, loyalty, honesty.

Film Review No.279: Labyrinth


Because it is an unspoken goal of The Film Dump to review every film made in the 80s (Hint: film review 300 is an 80s films) it was only a matter of time before I got to Jim Henson’s master work, Labyrinth. Also, because Labyrinth is a great film it was also only a matter of time before I got to it. This is a film I probably watched fortnightly as a kid. I was actually unaware, until recently, that it had failed critically and financially upon its original release. I had always assumed it was a huge deal because it was a huge deal to me, my friends and pretty much everyone around my age and younger today. The film is still referred to as a cult classic. There’s nothing cult about how poplar Labyrinth is. This film is legit, so, click the link below and I’ll tell you just how much Labyrinth is one of the most legitist films ever.

What kind of magic spell to use? I’d suggest one that uses both slime & snails… maybe puppydog tails also.

Film Review No.227: Sholay


Many years ago I got myself coerced into watching a number of Bollywood films by some Asian work friends who, as far as I could tell, thought it was funny that I’d actually watch them. To them Bollywood films was entirely a product of their culture and, by proxy, should make no sense to a silly Englishman such as myself. Over some time I sat and watched Baazigar, Daag: The Fire and Gharwali Baharwali. All of which are damn enjoyable films and quite a good crash course in modern Bollywood movies. None of those movie hold a candle to the film I’m reviewing today though. Sholay goes beyond being a big deal in India. It played solidly in cinemas for 5 years and it still wouldn’t be too hard to find a cinema showing it today some 38 years later. When adjusted for inflation it is the highest grossing Indian film of all time. It also proves that Bollywood films aren’t just for the people of their homeland. I say this because Sholay is one of the greatest Westerns of all time. Click the link for my review.

One who is scared is dead!