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Film Review No.111: Hesher

Before we start may I request that you all start playing Metallica’s Master Of Puppets to listen to whilst reading this review. It’s what I am listening to as I write this and after you watch this film you will be to. Hesher, in both film and character, is about unrestrained expression and living in the now. It also has a fair bit of classic Metallica on it’s soundtrack and has made me feel like listening to them for the first time in at least a year. Hesher has that effect. The film will remind you of what it means to not give a left nut about what people think and just get on with doing what you feel. Also it is one of the most “Indie” Indie movies ever made. More on that later. For now hit the link to read my review…

Hesher was here!


Movie Review No.51: Super

Why in the blue hell didn’t I make this review No.50? It’s either because I wanted the 50th review to be a bit of a joke or that I watched this after I watched Mortal Kombat Annihilation and so this is the order it is reviewed in. The answer is actually a little of both. Hey, did you know that James Gunn wrote the Scooby Doo movie? It’s pretty cool when some guy known for more adult movies suddenly takes on a kids film. Brian Yuzna (Director of Faust and the Reanimator sequels) wrote Honey I Shrunk The Kids. How do these guys get jobs writing kids films? At what point did the producers of Scooby Doo go “You know who should write this? That James Gunn guy that did Tromeo and Juliet.”? Anyway.. read the review.

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Movie Review No.8: Monsters

Monsters is the lowest budget big budget monster movie of all time. Sorta, because that sentence makes no sense, but it kind of does. See Monsters was made on a budget of around $500,000 which is pretty damn minuscule but it’s setting, plot and effects are very much of the big budget movie variety. It’s also one of the most impressive feats in independent film making ever made. What makes this such an impressive film? Click the link to find out.

Thar be monsters in them thar blogs.

Movie Review No.4: Ghost World

So the summer film season has kicked off and first out of the gate is Thor. A huge budget comic book adaptation of one of Marvel’s strongest licenses. Every summer since the release of the first Spider-man film in 2002 has pretty much been about big budget comic book adaptations. You’d almost think if you were a casual viewer that all comic books are about superheroes saving the world for supervillains in brightly coloured outfits. These films make mega bucks at the box office and the big studios love them. Which is exactly why we get multiple comic book superhero films every year. Trouble is, a large amount of comic books aren’t about superheroes or even good vs evil. A lot of them are just about people going through a portion of their lives. Which brings me to Ghost World…

This link is so Lame. Click it. I dare you. Loser.