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Film Review No.389: Spectre


Oh my God I’m actually reviewing a new release film…. about 10 days after release. Yeah I’m late but I couldn’t exactly not cover a James bond film. Especially after I took on the foolish task of reviewing every Bond film in the space of one month a few years back. Now, I may go into a few spoilers in this review. It’s kinda hard to not talk about certain issues or strengths of the film without going into them. So that’s your spoiler warning. Suffice to say, Spectre is a pretty solid bond film. The third best Daniel Craig film, sure, but it’s way ahead of Quantum of Solace. So, let us proceed with the somewhat spoilery review.

It was me all along!


Film Review No.195: Skyfall

Well this is it. The end of my Bond themed journey. I’ve spent the whole of October watching and reviewing every Eon produced Bond film and now this is the end. Skyfall has just been released here in the UK and I saw it last night. After the link is my full review. Here’s my short one: This film is excellent.

Fun fact: Both actors who have portrayed John Steed in The Avengers have now appeared in Bond films. Patrick Macnee in A View To A Kill and Ralph Fiennes in Skyfall.

Film Review No.194: Quantum Of Solace

I really, really liked Casino Royale. It was a superbly shot, written, performed and executed movie. Everything in it clicked exactly the way it needed to. As a result it became a tall order to follow. I certainly wouldn’t envy director Marc Forster taking on this challenge. Forster is a pretty decent director having put out a few interesting and well made films such as Stranger Than Fiction and Finding Neverland. I have no idea what went wrong here. I know what he’d likely blame, that writer’s strike everyone was blaming back then, but that’s not really an excuse. I’ll tell you why at some point after the link.

If anything this film has allowed me to complete the entire alphabet of film titles reviewed so far.

Film Review No.193: Casino Royale

First off, how awesome is that poster. It’s a fan art by a guy called Jeff Chapman. Find his Deviant art pager right here and tell him how cool it is. Did anyone read my review of Die Another Day I posted last night? Wasn’t really much of a review. More of a rant about how much I despise that film. Prepare to read the total opposite. Not sure how you’d prepare for that… try tensing up a little… anyway, click the link for the review!!!

Two more to go!!!

Film Review No.192: Die Another Day

I honestly do not know where to start with this one. There’s so many words I could use to describe this film. None of them well be the words “good”, “exceptional”, “beautiful”, “acceptable” or even “below average”. Well I might use the last one if it’s preceded by the word “way”. Click the link to see what words I will use.

After this link, some words!

Film Review No.191: The World Is Not Enough

What takes 14 minutes to get started but still goes nowhere? Why The World Is Not Enough of course! OK so I’m being a little harsh. Whilst the film does take 14 minutes to get through it’s pre-credit scenes what follows does lead somewhere… just very slowly and via the medium of some of the slowest dialogue scenes ever in a Bond film. Oh and Denise Richards is apparently supposed to be believable as a nuclear physicist. Click the link!

Orbis non-sufficit

Film Review No.190: Tomorrow Never Dies

Fun fact: Tomorrow Never Dies revisits two location from previous Bond films. The Stoke Park Club, which was the location where Oddjob knocked a statues head off with his hat in Goldfinger, here used as an interior for a romance scene between Pierce Brosnan’s Bond and Terri Hatcher’s Paris Carver. The other location was Khow-Ping-Khan islands near Phuket which were used as Scaramanga’s island home in The Man With The Golden Gun. No reference is made to those films when they visit these locations. Opportunity missed Bond. Anyway… that’s what I’m passing off as an intro to my review of Tomorrow Never Dies, the 18th film in the Bond series. Not far to go now…

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