The About This Blog Page

So I figured it was time to update this “about” page seeing as the sites been running for over a year. The goal is still the same as before. Review every single film I watch. A sort of diary of my film watching habits. The result of doing this is two fold. Firstly I get to stretch my critical muscles a little bit making sure that my ability to discuss film can stay fresh. Secondly it keeps me writing stuff. One of my biggest writing issues is that I find writing exhausting. So if I make myself write an article every time I watch a film then I keep myself writing. Hopefully my writing improves over time too so that when I actually put my money where my mouth is and I do write a short film it’ll hopefully not suck. Which is hopefully the case for the 2 short films I have planned right now. Whether they actually ever materialise is another matter all together.

I number my reviews so that whenever someone lands on the sites homepage they can see just how many films I have watched and reviewed since this blog started. It won’t mean much now but when that number ticking past each 100 films viewed hopefully it’ll bring the blog closer to the ultimate goal. To become a user review database. The idea is that for now it’s just me. But after a while I’ll try to find like minded folk to write the odd review and gradually expand that to users. Obviously I’ll need to create a new version of the blog for that to happen. Hopefully it will happen. For now, just follow the blog, comment on the reviews and postings and like The Film Dump on facebook. Also follow me on Twitter cos I say things on there that you might want to rewteet or something…


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