Critapocalypse Podcast 25 – Ant Can’t Remember Things

Here’s the new Critapocalypse podcast. Bit late postign it because I was getting quite distracted by games and stuff. Seriously, buy Assault Android Cactus. I reviewed it in this episode of the podcast too! Anyway, film reviews this week include Cop Car, Nightcrawler, American Ultra and Christian Mingle: The Movie. Games reviewed include the previously mentioned Assault Android Cactus but also Shovel Knight: A Plague of Shadows, Frozen Free Fall Snowball Fight, Deer God and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. Click the link below for the Soundcloud version which you can download and listen to whilst burning the bodies of your fallen enemies!

You can even download Critapocalypse on itunes now at:…id958341550?mt=2

Or you can stream and download it on Soundcloud by visiting: @critapocalypse-podcast

Follow Critapocalypse on Twitter @Critapocalypse

In this week’s episode we review:

Cop Car: 00:01:45
Shovel Knight: A Plague of Shadows: 00:06:50
American Ultra: 00:13:04
Frozen Free Fall Snowball Fight: 00:24:30
Deer God: 00:29:01
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition: 00:31:58
Nightcrawler: 00:35:49
Christian Mingle The Movie: 00:43:31
Assault Android Cactus: 00:55:09

Ant’s stuff:
Film reviews:
Gaming videos:

Matt’s Stuff:
Film and TV reviews:

Theme tune by FOOLATV. Buy/download their shizzle here:


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Just a dude who likes movies and games and has delusions of working in one of those industries. Write screenplays and work on short films in my spare time. Most of which never get finished. View all posts by lvl54spacemonkey

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