Horror Week 2014 Is Incoming!


By coming soon I mean this coming week. You may be aware that Halloween is just around the corner. As in, like, next Friday. As is, sort of, tradition here at Film Dump, I’ll be covering a bunch of horror films of various levels of dubiousness over the next few days. Which films will I be reviewing? Click the “spooky” link below to find out!

Now these aren’t in any particular order with the exception of this year’s Halloween film. See, I always review one of the Halloween films on Halloween. A tradition I can milk as long as they keep making them. Anyway, here are what films I’ll be reviewing this week.



Pretty much each film I’m reviewing this year can be considered a cult classic. One of the greats of modern cult cinema is one Brian Yuzna. I’ve covered one of his films here before, that being his adaptation of the Faust comics. Society is often cited as his best directorial film, which I’d like to confirm. I’ve never seen the film, as is the case with 3 of the 4 films I’m covering this year. You see, I didn’t just want them to be cult films. I wanted them to be cult films I hadn’t seen. So, Society is first up. Apparently it gets pretty spectacularly gruesome towards the end. I’m all for that. Bring it on Yuzna!



Slugs is about a town plagued by killer slugs. The film’s quality can range anywhere from greatest cult horror film of all time to worst film ever made, depending on who you ask. Most of my friends are in the former camp. We’ll see where I sit. I’m all for bat-shit crazy concepts, especially if they sound a lot like sketches by The Goodies. I’m quite looking forward to this one.

Bay of Blood:


Regarded as the original slasher movie, although I’d disagree, Bay of Blood certainly set the blueprint that would be followed to greater success by series such as Friday the 13th not long after. The film was banned in the UK during the video nasties era, which I’ve discussed on here a few times. As such, it was never in my pantheon of films as a kid as it was a little too obscure for me to be aware of, unlike The Evil Dead. This is another film I’ve been planning to knock off my list for some time.

Halloween IV:


As I always follow the Halloween films in chronological order the 4th entry in the series is next up. This is the film that brought back Michael Myers after the somewhat failed experiment that was Season of the Witch. Essentially this is the film that really set Michael Myers on the path to being a franchise like his 80s movie cousins Freddy and Jason. I have seen this film before, many moons ago, but my memories of it are scattered. We’ll see how it holds up. I actually quite enjoyed Season of the Witch, so it won’t take much to impress me.

So that’s it. The 4 films I’ll be reviewing this year. I did have plans to get a few others but budget constrained me. Maybe next year. The plan would be to get Kuroneko and Sleepaway Camp for sure. Who knows what I’ll cover in 2015. This Halloween is what matters now. First review will be up Sunday 26th October.


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