FOOLATV New Album Release Thing I’m Posting!


See that Film Dump logo up there? That was drawn by a bearded friend of mine called Alec Hugill. When he’s not drawing pictures or reading comics about people with STD’s he plays guitar and occasionally warbles in a band called Falling Out Of Love At This Volume. They’re making a push for getting some notoriety now with their new second album, called Disaster March, which is released today! After the link below there will be links and stuff so you can hear them and maybe buy their stuff.

FOOLATV, as their name thankfully abbreviates to, have a number of ways for you to go sample the music what they do do. Firstly, you could maybe sample the opening track called Great Lost Mansions (Of 1920’s LA) from their new album via the medium of YouTube music video!

They have a sound that’s often been described as lo-fi taking much influence from late 80s and early 90s indie bands such as Pavement, Pixies and Weezer. The good Weezer stuff primarily. Mathew Peachy, the band’s other guitar playing warbler, has told me that they’ve made a concerted effort to develop a sound more of their own with Disaster March and it’s certainly a heavier recording than their previous release, Mount Disappointment. I asked Alec if there was anything he’d like me to mention about the band for this shameless plug and he had this to say: “I grew up in the shadow of my bigfoot hunting father”. Thanks for that Al! Also Spin Magazine maybe could have called them the hottest band to come out of the Surrey region this decade and maybe the last too. When did The Jam start? Late 70s? Let’s count the 80s too.

If you like the sound of that opening track up there the band’s album is available in pay what you like MP3 format and actual real life CD format on their Bandcamp page which is clickable in this sentence!

Or alternatively you could just click on this embed right here!

Their previous album is also available from that page too! If you’re lucky maybe Al will still have some CD copies with hand drawn covers which he hasn’t done this time around because it was a fucking stupid idea and almost made his hand fall off.

So that’s Disaster March by Falling Out Of Love At This Volume. I know music posts aren’t normal for a film site but Al did draw that logo of mine and he says I can see my family again if I post this.


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