Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer Is Here!


So after that little tease of a trailer during the Superbowl we were left in anticipation… or more likely, left shrugging, at the prospect of a new Transformers film. I may be a bit controversial here when I say that the Michael Bay Transformers films aren’t exactly brilliant. Especially that pile of wank known as Revenge of the Fallen. I did somewhat moderately enjoy the third film though. I do suspect that was due to Shia LaBeouf’s character… human… person… having an actual character arc. A really, moronically, simple character arc it may have been. But it was definitely there. Just. Well, Shia LaBeouf is out for this new film and Marky Mark is in. Also, Dinobots and a very big spaceship which I’m gonna say is Unicron. People have told me it’s a ship belonging to a Decepticon called Lockdown but there’s no way Michael Bay isn’t going to make that transform. Anyway, click the jump below for the embedded trailer.

Well, I dunno. Not exactly blown away with it. The classic G1 style truck is a nice touch, although I’m sure the flames will be all over Optimus within 20 minutes. The trailer suggests that, despite the Autobots saving the world in the last film, they have decided to hunt down and exterminate the remaining Transformers on Earth. Obviously property damage was a bigger deal than all they could have learned from them and the added protection against future Decepticon invasion. Rumour has it the Transformer with the gun head is Galvatron, which I’m gonna claim only lends credence to my Unicron theory. Also, that big ship was eating the buildings and stuff at 1:56. Oh and pausing it at that point will allow you to see somewhere in the region of 8 or more big name company logos all facing directly to the camera. Only Michael Bay would feel the need for that much product placement in a film that’s main purpose is to sell (increasingly crappy) toys to children.

Do you see what you have done to me Michael Bay? You have made me cynical about a fucking Transformers movie! Anyway, this film is out… who the fuck cares… Summer the something… June 27th apparently for the US and July 10th for us lowly peasants in the UK. Meh.


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