The Weekend Dump: Horror Week Is Incoming!!!


Occasionally on this here internet blog space thing I like to do what I’ve come to term as “Spleurgs” or, more commonly, “Review Seasons”. In these review seasons I do two things. Firstly I pick a set of films to review, usually in a chronological order. Secondly I forget to eat. I nearly died during the James Bond marathon. Next Thursday is Halloween and so for the next 7 days The Film Dump will be going through a new review season. This season is creatively called HORROR WEEK! I did a HORROR WEEK 2 years ago which was very successful. If you measure success by the amount of views that one film I included for a joke took. I didn’t have time for a HORROR WEEK last year due to the James Bond season and the onset of malnutrition. I did get the Halloween day review done though. See, I’ve also made it a tradition to review a Halloween film each year on October 31st. So without further ado, click the link below to find out what films I’ll be reviewing over the coming week.

Now, there’s no full schedule for this, as in which films will be covered on what days but here’s the films to expect.



This first film is actually one I have never seen before, which is always a nice change. Onibaba has some debate over whether it should be classed as a horror or a historical Japanese drama. It’s a horror. The title even translates as Demon Hag, which would make for an awesome horror movie title even today. The film is about a pair of women who kill injured soldiers in feudal Japan and steal their armour to sell and then some evil stuff happens and feelings are hurt and there’s a demon mask. I’ll tell you all about it when I post the review. I was recommended to watch this film after asking Mark Cousins, the director of The Story Of Film, to pick a film for me out of this and Kuroneko. He admitted to having never seen Kuroneko so Onibaba was the pick by default. So, that’s film No.1 Onibaba!



Oh yes, time to get my Italian horror on! This will be the first Dario Argento film I review on the blog so, I suppose that means something. Phenomena is one of those films that just has zero chance of being made the same way today. For a start, ain’t no-one giving Dario Argento actual budgets these days. Have you see the trailer for his new Dracula 3D movie? It’s kinda sad. The film also stars Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasence, two people I fricking love watching on film. The film is about a young girl called Jennifer, which was convenient for Jennifer Connelly I assume, who discovers she has psychic powers which she uses to help hunt down a killer. Mysterious and spooky!



No, not the new remake. I’m reviewing the original because fuck it. Also, I kind of hope some teenager contemplating seeing the new film stumbles across this by accident and realises that the original is a masterpiece that they should probably be watching instead. Although, more likely they’ll just skim over the review, assume it’s for the remake and then moan that I don’t put scores on my reviews. Anyway, the remake of Carrie is damn good and that’s why including it.

Thor: The Dark World


Wait, what? That ain’t a horror film. It’s not even a film I can claim is a horror film due to a reference made in a Scream film. Oh, Thor 2 is released here in the UK next week and is just coincidentally going to be slap bang in the middle of horror week. Well shi-it. Moving along.

Day Of The Dead


Yup, the third of the Romero Of The Dead films. I was toying with the idea of doing a season of the Romero zombie films, but then I remembered how bad Diary of the Dead was and how I never want to watch it again. Also, never seen Survival of the Dead and have heard that it’s possibly the worst thing ever made. Day of the Dead on the other hand is some kind of awesome. The original, not the remake. From what I’ve heard the remake is terrible. Shame, cos the Dawn of the Dead remake is actually pretty damn good. So, what’s the final film?! You all know already.

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch


It’s the Halloween film that Michael Myers isn’t in! It’s the one where kids get killed and stuff! It’s the one they’ve kinds shuffled under the carpet over the years but, for some reason, has been getting brought up by a load of websites this last week. I’m not reviewing it because of them, this was always going to be this years Halloween film seeing as I’m covering them in order. I’ve not seen this Halloween before, which I’m gonna blame on them hiding it from me. Whoever “them” and “they” are will likely have a lot to answer for. Either because the film may be brilliant, or because it may be pretty awful. I don’t know. Always heard mixed things. But hey, I like watching kids get killed on film so maybe it’s worth a watch.

So that’s HORROR WEEK, and also Thor 2. Hopefully I’ve picked out a unique selection of films for us to enjoy. Trying to stick with me recent attempts to up the quality of the type of films I cover. Not that I won’t be reviewing dross from time to time, just wanna inform folks of some films that may have been pushed to the sidelines over the years. The first review will likely go up tomorrow night so, see ya’ll then!


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