Here’s That Trailer For Captain America: The Winter Soldier!


Don’t do many trailer posts these days but I’m a comic book geek and so I feel compelled to post this one. The Thor 2 trailer hasn’t done a massive amount for me, although I will see it next week, but this trailer is awesome. They clearly understand that Captain America isn’t about supporting the interests of the American Government, regardless of what they are, but more about upholding the core tenants the U.S. was founded on. Some of the best storylines in the comics is when he’s going against his own employers to show what he believes is the true American way of life. This sequel seems to be tapping right into that and it looks like it’ll be doing a better job at showing the conflict between what SHIELD stand for and what they actually do better than the Agents of Shield series is. Anyway, click the link for the trailer and chuck some words in the comments below!


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