Here’s That RoboCop Remake Trailer


A little while ago I reviewed the Total Recall remake. It was terrible. This has been a habit of quite a number of remakes where, at best, they can be described as decent, and most often, an offence to the original work. A lot of the time this is because a remake has been made of a great work that not only didn’t need remaking but also the end product would often miss the point. See Total Recall. And from one Verhoeven classic to another comes the remake of RoboCop. I’ve watched this trailer a couple of times and I’m not sure what top make of it. Clearly it’s toned down. Violence at the level of the original just isn’t a thing these days. But this trailer also appears to show signs that the director might just have an angle to play this film from. It appears RoboCop is aware that he is Murphy right from the start. What difference does that make tot he character’s journey? Is his story going to be about him accepting the change? Will he reject it and fight back against the people that made him? What will others think? Does he view himself as a monster? Is this actually Robo-Frankenstein’s Monster? Lots of questions that you can ask yourself by watching the trailer after the jump.

I’m not sure I like the black armour. It’s a bit too Mass Effect-y. But that’s the fashion these days. With a PG-13 cert this will likely be way more neutered than I’d like, plus there’s a serious super hero vibe to this. Getting blown up in an explosion doesn’t exactly parallel the suffering for our sins that Murphy went through in the original. Also, what’s the deal with the human hand? Apparently in the film it’s a PR thing. A human hand to shake and all that. But really? Does it have greater significance? I dunno. I at least think this has to be better than Total Recall’s remake, right? Hey, did you know there’s plans to remake Starship Troopers too. yeah…


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2 responses to “Here’s That RoboCop Remake Trailer

  • Eric Kalberer

    Personally I think it’ll be good. Most of the more recent remakes deviate from the original story line but it also helps give the movie more freedom, on the other hand it can totally mess things up. I just watched Judge Dredd which I thought was a major improvement over the original. Thanks for the review.

    -Eric Out-

    • lvl54spacemonkey

      I’ve reviewed both Stallone’s Judge Dredd and Dredd on here about a year back. Both have merits but, yeah, Dredd is superb. Difference there is that they’re working from a source material with 35 years of history. When you remake a film that has only a couple of previous entries there’s not so much to draw on. Cutting your own path is important and presenting new themes are too, but at the end of the day it all comes down to quality. I’m not sure this has it. Verhoeven’s RoboCop though, actual upper tier film making.

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