The Ashens: Quest For The Game Child Trailer Is Here!!!


I like Ashens. He does funny little reviews of some of the greatest pieces of tat the world has to offer from the comfort of his sofa. Or, more precisely, the comfort of the floor he’s kneeling on whilst hunched over a camera pointed at his sofa. Actually, that doesn’t sound too comfortable. Anyway, he made a Indigogo thing a while ago to fund the production of an Ashens film. Now usually I’m in the camp of many people who are dead set against anyone making a film based on their Youtube channel. But these things happen and I’d rather see an Ashens film than Fred: the Movie. The trailer for the Ashens film (subtitled Quest for the Game Child) was released today and honestly, it looks really, really good. Has an actual professional tone to it. I figured it was going to look halfway well made but wasn’t expecting it to look this well made. Certainly looks better than that Angry Videogame Nerd film. What happened to that anyway? I remember seeing the trailer about a year ago, posted it on here even, and now it’s vanished. Well, no point stalling any longer. Click the link below to see the trailer itself.

So, what do you all think? Pretty impressive that they got Robert Llewelyn and Warick Davis in it. Well, I say impressive… Harry Partridge is there also. He’s a good chap I am reliably informed by a friend of mine who went to college with him. Tell me in the comments what you think of the trailer. It would be nice to get some discussion going on these posts. I’ll be reviewing this film next week!


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