Here’s That There The Wolverine Trailer What You Does Wanted…


Yeah, I made that title more awkward than was needed. Anyway, here’s the trailer for The Wolverine. A sequel to a film that probably shouldn’t have been made. My views on X-Men Origins: Wolverine are pretty much that I can watch it but it’s really weak and messy. It’s not X-Men 3 bad, it’s just normal bad. But hey, at least Ryan Reynolds was cool for the 30 seconds he was in it, right? Anyway, click the link for the trailer for a film that is already looking like an improvement.

The train sequence looks a bit hokey, I’ll admit. Those kinds of stunt sequences always do because directors these days want to do stuff on moving vehicles that go beyond the usual levels of not possible. Skyfall managed to have an actual fight sequence on a train, and it look excellent. Here, we get Huge Jacked-man fighting on some blue boxes in front of a blue screen with a fan blowing at him. Other than that, the trailer looks pretty damn solid. You can see some of the touches that would have likely been in the Aronofsky draft of the script, he’s big into making his characters appear frail in some way and here’s Wolverine being more of a depressed loner than ever and even losing some of his powers. The Wolverine is released in the US and the UK on July 26th.


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