Well That Sure Is The Giant Robots Vs Giant Monsters Action I Was Promised. Pacific Rim Trailer In Here!!!


So for some time Guillermo Del Toro has been promising the world some giant fecking robot action. After At The Mountains Of Madness was cancelled he set about making this giant robot movie and he’s only gone and done it. Pacific Rim looks like the movie I’ve been wanting to see produced with Hollywood sized budgets ever since I watched Godzilla and Robot Jox style films as a kid. I’d imagine people a little younger than me would likely parallel the feeling they get from this to Power Rangers. Pacific Rim is about giant robots fighting monsters from beneath the sea and it looks pretty damn spectacular. It does make me ask one question though. Isn’t it time that our films started to scale down somewhat? We are really losing character and story behind huge effects and high concept scenarios. That said, giant robots kick all kinds of arse. Watch the trailer after the jump.

So two things I forgot in this post when I first made it. 1) to include a main image. And B) to mention that Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS, provides the voice of the Jaeger (That’s the giant robots) A.I. Del Toro is quite the gamer and has spoke about how much he liked Portal before. Nice to see that little nod included. Also, gotta say, it’s really cool that they aren’t hiding the look of the Jaegers or the Kaiju in the trailer. Usually the first trailers for anything like this will hide the big effects shots. This trailer delivered a full blown eye-gasm of visual treats.

Makes me want a movie based on Star Fleet now. You don’t remember Star Fleet? Guess I’ll have to edumacate ya’ll.

God damn that’s some awesome music.

Oh yeah, what did you all think of the Pacific Rim trailer? Pants suitably moistened I take it?


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