Should I Be Worried About This?


So I check my views today to find that he site has set a new all time record for a single days views of over 1,000!!! Obviously I’ll make a bigger deal if I ever hit over 9,000. Anyway, seems that one review is responsible for all of this. My review of Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend has pulled in a lot of views today. Now, should I be happy or worried that it was searched for exactly 666 times. The searches appear to come from Spain too, which is odd because I don’t usually get many Spanish views. Hola Spanish peoples! Either someone is a great prankster or something devilish is afoot.


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Just a dude who likes movies and games and has delusions of working in one of those industries. Write screenplays and work on short films in my spare time. Most of which never get finished. View all posts by lvl54spacemonkey

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