Here’s a Man Of Steel Trailer For You To Gawk At.


Well as Winter approaches we start heading into that time of year we all can’t wait to experience. It’s the summer movie trailers preview season!!!! Yes, every year at this time the studios start to remember that they have another season of summer blockbusters to force into our collective eye holes next year and so they start pumping out the film trailers like nobodies business. Today we have a trailer for the Zach Snyder directed and, more importantly for the marketing department, Christopher Nolan produced Man Of Steel. Because not having the word “Batman” in the title of the last two films worked out so well some clever sod in marketing decided that Superman can’t have his name on the title of his new film either. So, click the link for the trailer. It looks quite good.

I like what I see so far. Everything has a more muted version of the trademark Zach Snyder gloss look that he loves but not so much as to make the film look cartoonish. Question is, is this the right direction for a Superman movie? Does Superman need to be more muted in tone? After Marvel proved that you can make superhero films as flashy and colourful as their source materials does Superman need most of the colour removed from his world? We’ll see when the film is released next year. I’ve generally been satisfied with Zach Snyder’s work so far. He’s certainly a solid director that works best when within the confines of someone else’s property. I worry about the Nolan influence here though. He made Batman work because he turned the series into crime thrillers on an epic scale. Superman needs to be more adventure focused to really work. Although they seem to be taking a route that could lead to a more interesting story as this film seems to deal with what having the powers Superman does have means to the world. He’s a weapon of mass destruction in an era when most of the US is scared of such things existing. Well, that’s that posted. I hear there’s a trailer for the new M Night Shyamalan movie Another Earth out there. Lemmie just look at that….

Well that looks self indulgent.


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