100,000 Views And Counting!

Well, The Film Dump has just gone past 100,000 total views, which is pretty much mind boggling. I started this blog on a whim back in April last year. I had been told many times over the years that people came to me when looking for advice on what film to watch and then one day I was watching Mortal Kombat… for some reason… and just decided that I should write a review for it. I had this WordPress account from back when I had an MSN Space (remember those?) and so I set about learning just how to use this thing. 1 year 8 months(ish) and 199 reviews later (50/50 review coming tonight!) the site has passed 100,000 views. Thanks to everyone that’s ever viewed this blog, clicked the like button, commented, subscribed or even just posted some poorly spelled spam. You reading these, occasionally/mostly, weakly written reviews has helped keep me busy in my evenings and given me somewhat of a hobby. Special thanks to people such as Paul Acevedo who’s always encouraging me and correcting my grammar (He writes for Co-Optimus BTW) and Ben who has his own blog called Views From The Sofa and has been one of my most frequent comment writers/likers. also big thanks to Luke who claims he still reads the reviews everyday that a new review is posted on his way into work. The next step for this blog to take is to start pulling in serious viewership. The sort that will allow me to earn a little extra money in ads (which I still haven’t earned enough for a payment from yet) which I can then spend on a few special things. I was thinking more hard to source films, maybe equipment to get making a short film with and so on. After the link I’m gonna post some boring stats. Feel free to read them, or not. Here’s to making it to 200,000!!!

Top five most read reviews!!! Figures based on whatever they were at at the moment I wrote this post.

5. Film Review No.45: Ip Man with 3,029 views.
4. Film Review No.112: Death Note with 3,443 views.
3. Film Review No.65: Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope with 3,970 views.
2. Film Review No.52: Human Centipede with 4,251 views.

Film Review No.81: Showgirls with a pretty substantial 5,695 views.

There is, however, two non-film review posts that have received more views. First is my write up of my trip to see Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes talk random nonsense at the Hammersmith Apollo which has pulled in 5,884 views, this show is out on DVD now by the way. The most viewed post though is still the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer with a massive 6,124 views. It’ll be interesting to see how long it is before something over takes that.

When I started this blog I honestly thought I’d get bored by the time I hit 10 reviews. The reason I number every single review is so I can always remind myself just how many I have written. Also, as a bonus, I hope people will eventually come to this site and see that review number and realise that this site has one large supply of film reviews and therefore can be mind for opinions. When I passed 100 reviews I was pretty amazed but within the next week I’ll pass 200 which I really can’t believe I have reached. This may be the internet’s slowest expanded review database but hopefully, eventually, it’ll be something a bit bigger and maybe even expanding at a faster rate.

So once again thankyou to everyone that’s helped this blog be the success it has. I really am baffled that it ever lasted this long and I’m honestly not bored of it yet. I’m gonna leave you with a retro film trailer, just as I used to in my Trailer Park Thursday posts… which I did eventually get bored of. Enjoy!!

What the hell did I just make you watch?


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