The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Is Finally A Real Thing.

I wasn’t sure if I should be posting this trailer for the long in production Angry Video Game Nerd Movie here or on my Games Dump side-blog. By the way, did you know I have a second blog called The Games Dump? Probably not cos it’s only had like 30 views and I update it once a month. Anyway, back in 2010 the original Youtube video game critic James Rolfe, or The Angry Video Game/Nintendo Nerd to his fans announced that he had plans to make a movie based around his character. Well, today is the day we finally see that that movie is indeed a thing that is happening. You can watch the trailer after the link below.

So what do you think? Remember to comment in the comments below. Like favourite and subscribe and all that balls so I can make loads of internet dollars like James Rolfe has. For a film made with a limited budget, of $325,000 in fan donated funds, the film is looking pretty decent. It has the sort of tone I was expecting. In some ways it reminds me of the approach Nostalgia Critic took to his serialised episodes where the story is more of a meta take on the characters life outside the reviews. I’m not expecting high art with the AVGN movie but I do expect some potty humour, some fake shits and a lot of geeky references. The film certainly delivers on the projectile vomit front. I love the idea that he’s trying to uncover the myth of the E.T. cartridges being buried in a Nevada landfill. It genuinely is one of the great gaming stories.

So good luck to James Rolfe with this, he deserves this chance to branch out. A lot of people fail to realise how much of an influence he has had on many online review critics over the years. People like Nostalgia Critic, Spoony and their gang at That Guy With Glasses have certainly taken some of the format from him. JonTron has admitted many times to using a similar format too. It’s a shame that AVGN isn’t the first youtube sensation to get a film, that honour goes to some kid known as Fred. I’ve not seen that film but it has John Cena in it as his dad so I’m really wouldn’t expect it to be worth seeing at all. The AVGN Movie has to be better than that.


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