The Evil Dead Remake Red Band Trailer Is Here!!!

I love The Evil Dead, even wrote a big love up of a review for it about a year ago on here just to prove how much I enjoy that film. But I am under no illusion that it is a film that is beyond being remade. The film was never perfect by anyone’s standards. Raimi has never felt that way either. And so for a few years now he’s been shopping about the idea of a remake, and here’s the trailer for it. I think this trailer looks superb. They’ve gone down a much darker route with the tone and even approached the story from a new angle. In it the lead character Mia (Jane Levy), who stands in for Ash, is a drug addict who’s been taken away to a cabin in the woods by friends to help her go cold turkey. And then they find the book of the dead and evil starts to happen. I’m hoping the film plays with the idea that she may be hallucinating the whole thing. Imagine if the films final moments revealed that she had been tripping balls the whole time and had just slaughtered all her friends. That would be dark stuff. Click the link to see the quite blood soaked trailer and remember to comment and like and all that jazz.

So what do ya think? It shows a lot of promise, but so did some of the other horror film remakes of recent years. In my opinion only the remake of The Hills Have Eyes came close to being good. That film was brutal as hell. I get the feeling this is gonna be good though. I trust Raimi to have enough quality control to ensure that in his producer role.


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