Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Here!!!

I’m in two minds about posting this trailer. Not because it lacks anything, the trailer is amazing, but because there’s gonna be some many sites posting this I’ll be lucky to pull 3 views from it. But if you happen to be one of the few people that has not come across this trailer elsewhere then click the link below to enjoy the really, really awesome trailer for Iron man 3. I’ll chuck in a bonus unrelated video after the link too.

How good was that. looks like stuff actually happens in this film. I wasn’t a huge fan of Iron Man 2, it was too plodding and unfocused in the middle and none of it’s dramatic elements were pushed as far as they should have. Plus, man, that final battle was pure disappointment. This trailer, on the other hand, looks like we’re in for something quite epic and spectacular. Shane Black isn’t one to half arse any film he makes and he did some brilliant stuff with Robert Downey Jr in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a film that’s really what got his career restarted. So, Iron Man 3, next May. I’ll probably review the other 2 films before that comes out in preparation. Now to watch that trailer again.


Ronald Jenkees is back. You might not know him but a few years back he became a Youtube legend with his amazing tunes. It’s been four years since he last released a video and today he dropped this bomb. Enjoy!

Later tonight I’ll be posting my review of Casino Royale. Only 2 Bond films to go after that.


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