Film Review No.161: Urotsukidoji II – Legend Of The Demon Womb

First off, apologies for not doing a review for a whole week. Basically I’ve had a week off work and got myself some new toys to play with that will hopefully allow me to do a few new things around this here web blog thing. Hopefully what I’ve acquired will pay off and I won’t just get bored with the added effort they’ll require. Watch this space and all that for details. To make up for it I have two reviews coming, this one and one tomorrow, for films that I probably shouldn’t have bothered watching. But I have anyway because this is the slowest expanding movie review database on the internet and as such it needs to be filled. Slowly… like the dirty whore that it is. Also, before I start this review, yes I am aware that there is a picture of some kittens at the top of the page. You try finding tasteful screenshots from this film. Click the link for the review.

Whilst I have watched Legend Of The Overfiend multiple times since I was a kid (yes my mother had no idea what I was watching) I never did get around to seeing the film’s sequel Legend Of The Demon Womb. I should probably not use the term sequel there. Legend Of The Demon Womb seems content to just ignore how the last film ended, with the destruction of life on Earth, and instead place itself in a sort of prequel but not state. What I mean by that is that this story takes place after Megumi and Jyaku have discovered the identity of the teenager that is also the Overfiend of legend but before he turns into said Overfiend and destroys/rapes humanity with his multiple penises. When this actually fits in though is anyone’s guess seeing as by the time the two Man-Beasts have discovered that Nagumo is the Overfiend in the first film all sorts of demon activity has happened. Yet here he’s just living his life like a normal kid. Well, as normal as a teenager that jerks off to the slightest voyeuristic opportunity he can get…. OK, that’s pretty normal.

The problem with this films time frame is that it doesn’t fit at all and so if you’ve seen the first you spend a large portion of the film trying to figure out where it fits. If you haven’t seen the first you’ll spend a large portion of the film wondering just what everyone is talking about. This becomes a massive distraction because it’s lack of cohesiveness at a basic storytelling level stops the film from working on any level.

Possibly the most disturbing scene in the film.

The story itself concerns a strangely powerful human from Nazi era Germany planning to destroy the Overfiend by summoning a demon, which crashes a plane with Nagumo’s magical never heard of before cousin Takeaki on it, which leads Nagumo to give him a blood transfusion which in turn makes him part Overfiend which then the human demon summoner Myuni Haussen II can then control to defeat the Overfiend so he might become king of the demons.


So basically ignore the story because it’s pure nonsense of the highest order and focus on what matters in an Urotsukidoji film, just how messed up it is.

To be honest, it’s not that messed up. Well compared to the first. Sure there’s a demon with a tail that has three penises on it which he uses to rape Megumi in mid-air with but is that any worse than a lesbian schoolteacher seducing a 15 year old girl and then promptly turning into a multi-tentacled rape monster? Compared to the first film this isn’t, in it’s UK release dvd cut at least, as violent, gory or disturbed as the previous film. When those elements have been softened the what appeal is left for anyone that’s a fan of these sorts of anime. At least Legend Of The Overfiend had a pretty bleak and dark core story. The sort of story that, with a lot of toning down, could be turned into something quite interesting. This film is just nonsensical and incoherent.

These demon designs are just pure messed up.

The voice acting on the UK dub is especially poor which isn’t helped by the lack of Japanese audio options on the UK dvd. Not the ideal way to view pretty much any anime but I work with what I’ve got and I certainly wouldn’t advise anyone pay a premium to import Japanese language versions of this film. Maybe the previous one, but not this one. Eventually though the bizarre line reading forces you into a sort of bad dubbing equivalent of Stockholm syndrome where you just kind of accept it. Maybe, after enough exposure, you’ll even learn to love it.

Legend of The Demon Womb is a complete mess of an anime that won’t satisfy fans of the first films balls out unrelenting insanity or please anyone that just wants to watch a story being told in any way shape or form. Aside from a giant Nazi human sacrifice-cum-sex machine there’s little in this entry that’s anywhere near as memorable as half of the first films set pieces. There’s certainly no scene that comes close to a hospital getting torn to shreds by giant tentacle cocks. Apparently a lot of the confusion over this films place in the continuity is down to this not being based on the original manga comics, unlike Legend Of The Overfiend. Even with that in mind Legend Of The Demon Womb fails to be anything resembling a decent film.


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3 responses to “Film Review No.161: Urotsukidoji II – Legend Of The Demon Womb

  • Jordan

    Do you think watching Urotsukidoji at a young age affected you any differently than, say, if you watched it age 19? And how much did it disturb you?

    Also, I would recommend torrenting this movie for the uncut Japanese version, which is every bit as gruesome as the first. Here’s a link if you want it:

    bakab (dot) me/details.php?id=157188&hit=1

  • lvl54spacemonkey

    Didn’t disturb me at all. Me and my friends used to watch the first one and laugh our way through it. Back then violent anime was just par for the course after we decided we were too old for Transformers. Obviously I later found out that you’re never too old for Transformers. Urotsukidoji was never one of my favourites though. Was a big fan of Akira, Cyber City Oedo 808 and Guyver. They weren’t quite as messy.

  • Bob

    This one was far better than the 1st one. The story and characters just made a lot more sense. It will disappoint those looking for pure mindless rape scenes but its just ten times more watch able than the first. It not great by any standard but there are some great concepts(the way in which the sorcerer torments taki) it’s still pervey but apart from the rape machine everything sort of makes sense. This one: 6/10 the first one:1/10

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