When Did Fan Films Start Attracting Hollywood Stars? Here’s A Punisher Fan Film Starring Thomas Jane.

Long blog title is long. Anyway, looks like Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman decided to be a bunch of dudes and star in some guys short Punisher fan film. If this doesn’t serve as a reminder to Marvel that people really liked Thomas Jane as The Punisher and want more I dunno what will. I’d be up for seeing a sequel provided it maintains the naturalistic style of the first film. If I saw a hint of the words 3D and anything resembling that terribad War Zone film I’d be out though. This short features a lot of Final Cut Pro stock camera shake and copious amounts of digital blood but it’s still a pretty cool little film. I do get bugged by how much short films are more about attention grabbing than being an expression of any artistic desire these days but at least this has an excuse of being frigging awesome on it’s side. Click the link to see the short.

Pretty cool huh? I’ll get around to reviewing The Punisher some day. Really enjoyed that film. If you want a laugh though watch the Dolph Lundgren film. It’s one of those great low budget enjoyable messes.

Turns out this was produced by Thomas Jane himself. I should have paid more attention to that. I was too busy enjoying the violence. Ahem.


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2 responses to “When Did Fan Films Start Attracting Hollywood Stars? Here’s A Punisher Fan Film Starring Thomas Jane.

  • Ben

    Now Marvel have the rights again they need to get Tom Jane back and do Punisher properly. He’s a great character and should easily have a new film franchise or maybe, even better, a tv show.

    • lvl54spacemonkey

      I’d love to see more Punisher with Tom Jane, mostly because we never got that sequel he promised. That film got unfairly criticised by some. It’s a great little revenge film. That War Zone film though, that can burn in a fire.

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